Monday, March 21, 2011


Today I am blogfesting about my favorite place....
Since a have a penchant for saltwater taffy I am blogging about one of my favorite city's Seaside Oregon.
Seaside Oregon sets nestled on the Oregon Coast. It's one of my favorite memory city's. I haven't been to Seaside in over thirty years, but my memory is so vivid of the last time I was there.

Seaside is famous for its saltwater taffy. I can still smell the aroma and taste the sweetness of the confections on my tomgue.

I was sixteen when those delectable, delightful goodies tantalized and teased my tastebuds. I became addicted to the sweetness of saltwater taffy. I long for Seaside Oregon and the taffy shops dotted along the Coast.

I have to admite I am still like a kid in a candy store....only my candy store is 3000 miles away in Seaside Oregon.

When you dream of the perfect get-a-way... think of Seaside Oregon and its world famous saltwater taffy...
Take a trip down memory lane by visiting The Seaside Candyman..


Bethe77 said...

It is beautiful and the taffy so very yummy!
In fact I was thinking I need to take a trip to the coast. I sometimes like to go Tilmook.especailly for the ice crea. But Seaside for taffy would be wonderful. I had no idea how many bloggie friends around the world love Oregon and Washinton. It is God's country.

donnag said...

Seaside is where my husband proposed to me. We lived there for 3 months and he
proposed, we were married at Astoria in the court and soon moved back to
I loved Seaside and Cannon Beach so much and if I could return it would be like a honeymoon I never had!

Jennifer said...

We didnt make it into Seaside but the taffy I am sending you is from Seaside. I bought it in Tillamook. We go to Seaside usually 3-4 times a year. I see Bethe77 reads your blog too! She lives right up the road from me!

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