Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This morning I am combining morning coffee and conversation with Debra and NaBloPoMo and writing about being frustrated.

I am frustrated!

I've become frustrated with the way my life is going. Somedays I am not a happy camper.
I get frustrated with the little things....
Instead of turning to the Lord, I keep it all bottled up inside.

I am frustrated!

I am frustrated with my writing. It seems the harder I try, the harder it gets. There are days I want to throw in the towel. I often wonder am I good enough? Do people really want to read what I write?

I am frustrated!

I am frustrated with my family. Some days I feel under appreciated. I feel taken for granted.

I am frustrated!

I am frustrated with our nation. We are a nation of peace, but it seems we are at war more than often.

I am frustrated
I have stated...
My life
is filled with too much strife...


The Desert Rocks said...

So sad to see such a positive person being frustrated. Don't worry, He can hear you- He can see you and He knows your pain. Seek comfort in His love.

Halli Gomez said...

I agree, so sad to see you frustrated! Just know you are not alone and you can use those strong emotions in a positive way!

Bethe77 said...

YES! I think frusration is a good word today! It is hard out there in the world and I think it is the feelings of many. I know it is for me.
Even when we know Our Lord holds us in His palm. His provision and protection. We see a world that is falling around us.
Lord bring peace to my friend Debra and all of us that are feeling frustrated thsi day Lord. Thank you for your perfect love and peace that surpasses all things in Jesus name Amen

Rebagv said...


I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only feeling like their writing is getting harder.

I just got used to blogging and now I have to do another type of writing--reporting. I am so confused and don't feel that I have the right support.

Hang in there. If God has a special message to say through you, He will get it out.

God bless you,

Rebecca G.

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