Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday March 30th- Shattered

My days have passed, my plans are shattered. Yet the desires of my heart turn night into day; in the face of the darkness light is near. Job 17:11-12 NIV

Today I have chosen the word shattered.

A few days ago we found out some very sad news. My grandson's father tragically passed away almost seven months ago. Although this man wasn't part of my grandson's life for three years our lives were shattered by this unexpected news.

When I discovered my grandson's father had died I was shattered. It was surreal and I felt a plethora of emotions. My first reation was what happened and then why weren't we told.
I had to read about it on the internet. The world as we knew it would be forever shattered.

I cried for my grandson's loss. Forever will my grandson's life be shattered. Eventhough he hadn't seen his father in three years, what happened will change the course of my grandson's life.

The grieving process was shattered because we weren't told...
there is no cemetary to visit(my grandson father was cremated)his soul shattered into tiny bits of dust.

When this unexpected event happened, I started thinking how our lives are shattered by the unexpected forces we have no control over.

Our lives will be shattered by many tragedies, but we have the love and support of the Lord.

We can get through the shattered pieces of our lives.

My grandson does not fully comprehend what happened. This is a good thing. His life has been altered, shattered into a million pieces and he goes on.

When our lives are shattered, we can go on. Life does not stop, it continues forward.

When you are shattered, let God put the pieces back together.


Russo said...

Oh, I am so sorry for the loss of life.

Stunning pics and stunning writing. Holy cow, you have such a way with words, I was so touched by this post I got teary.

Russo @

Amanda said...

So sorry for this loss. Thanks for sharing this. Our lives do get shattered by different things almost on a daily basis, but you're right, God will put them back together if we ask Him to. Thanks for the reminder! And thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog :) Haven't been able to respond to each of them, but they mean so much! I appreciate you stopping by to read and share. Blessings in your writing!

The Desert Rocks said...

Your grandson is lucky to have you for a grandma.

I AM Curly Locks said...

Praying for your grandson. He may not understand it now, but his tommorow will be altered. I have a series on grief check it out at

Peace and Love,

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks

Tipper said...

A thoughtful post. I'm sorry for the loss of his father.

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