Friday, April 8, 2011

100 Word Challenge-Broken Daddy

I found this great meme 100 Word Challenge @ Velvet Verbosity.
The 100 Word Challenge is a weekly writing challenge for writers.
The challenge closes on Sunday at midnight EST. Post by Sunday.
Provide a link to your post in the comments of that week’s challenge post.

What’s the Word?

April 5 - April 10

Broken Daddy

He is unaware his daddy is gone forever
broken into a million pieces
now only fragments of his life

He is oblivious to why his daddy is gone
broken off from his life
now only missing pieces of a puzzle

He is unknowing of why his daddy left
broken out if time
now only a distant memory

He is forgetful his daddy was really here
broken again from within
now only fleeting time

He is nescient his daddy will never come back
broken from this earth
now only a drifting soul

He is unknowing his daddy is dead
broken forever


Bethe77 said...

Very moving! Beautiful!
All these wonderful prmpts. I so wish I didnt work I would join them all. I dont think I could keep up. I love all these wonderful prompts. I so want to join them all.

Teresa said...

Wow...that just breaks my heart.VERY emotional piece!!!

Velvet Verbosity said...

Welcome to the challenge. :)

barbara said...

Seconding Velvet's welcome.

Beautifully poignant piece. Thank you.

clew said...

Oh, so heartwrenching. Nicely done.

Welcome to 100 Words! I've only been around about a month but it's really helped bring out some great creativity. Looking forward to more of your posts. :)

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