Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 12

And just like that, we're already on to our second "Two for Tuesday" prompt of the challenge.
  1. Write a form poem. This could be a sonnet, pantoum, lune, or even something as sinister as a--dare I say it--sestina. If you need a list of poetic forms and there rules, click here.
  2. Write an anti-form poem. Just as there are poets who love playing with forms, there are poets who think they are the worst thing ever. That's fine. Express (in either free verse or a prose poem) your feelings on writing in traditional forms

Write a form poem: I have chosen to write a Shadorma. Shadorma is a Spanish 6-line syllabic poem of 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllable lines respectively.

Spring is in the Air

Springtime air
gently floating by
in the breeze
fragrant smells
tickle my senses with spring
wafting in the air.

Write an anti-form poem:
No Title

I'll admit
I do not like to conform
to poetry form
Hope you enjoyed my wit...


Johanna said...

Hey Debra, just wanted tolet you know that you were featured on Mom's Tree House as a "Member Spotlight". Go see your shout out. : )

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