Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coca-Cola Memories

I have a lot of fond memories of drinking an ice cold Coca-Cola on a hot summer day, but my fondest memory is one from childhood.

Being from the South there's only two things Southern's love and that's an ice cold Coca-Cola on a hot summer day and salty peanuts. I'm no exception.

From the time I could walk my dad and I would trek down to the local corner store and buy a ten cent coke and a bad of peanuts. My dad had a habit of putting his peanuts in his Coke. Of course I wanted to do everything he did! So naturally my peanuts went into a 12 oz. bottle of Coke.

I can still taste the sweetness mingled with the saltiness of Coke and peanuts. That Southern tradition never left me. I still sneak peanuts into my Coca-Cola. It's become more now a habit than a memory. The only memory left is being with my dad who is no longer with me. I miss the corner store treks with him to buy a delicious Coke and a nickle bag of peanuts and dump them straight into our bottle.

Some habits never leave us and I'm 50 now and still put peanuts in my Coke. I can't help myself. It's a Southern thing, maybe a daughter-father thing, but it's my thing. I've even got my grandson in our this special Coke thing. He loves peanuts in his Coca-Cola as much as I do.

To this Southern born girl there ain't nothing like the Real Thing of a tasty cold bottle of Coca-Cola on a hot summer day and a bag of peanuts. It's childhood. It's memories that I share with my grandson.

Drinking your Coke with peanuts is a great family tradition. You don't have to be from the South to enjoy the sweetest and saltiness together. Make a memory with your children, with your grandchildren.

I think I'll go grab an ice cold Coke from the fridge and a bag of peanuts. Make a few more memories with my grandson and teach him how to savor that very last drop of Coca-Cola and last peanut.

Add a few great memories to your family with Coca-Cola and peanuts.
Memories are important parts of our life's. Coke helps to savor those special family memories. Coke helps create family traditions. Coca-Cola is the fabric of my life.

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upinthecosmos said...

What a great story. I like to eat popcorn with mine for the salty reasons... dumping it in may be a bit too soggy... LOL.

Good luck on getting that gift card:-)

lynn said...

What a wonderful memory. I love the South. I have traveled through the southern states on vacation several times. I love the atmosphere and the friendliness.

Russo said...

I have never thought to try coke and peanuts but you better believe I am gonna try this. My family is from Georgia so we have boiled peanuts all the time.

I really liked this post-I am hoping you are chosen for the 25$ gift card because this post is original and touching.

Russo @

Cecilia Marie said...

When I think of Coke, I think of Africa. That was the only cola offered on the continent when my husband and I were there. Memories. Interesting isn't it how smelll, taste, sight and touch are so intertwined with our memories. Just the sight of a bottle of Coke brings back your moments with your dad in vivid detail.

Your story is heartwarming and well written, I hope you win the gift card, mostly for the recognition.

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