Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 25 April NaBloPoMo(National Blog Posting Month) - Past

It's almost over! The NaBloPoMo for April will soon be a thing of the past. Today, I want to reflect on the past.
You have to know the past to understand the present. Dr. Carl Sagan

The past is part of our sprouting process. You can't grow without it.
You learn from the pasts' mistakes, you learn to go forward from the past.

Dr. Sagan was right, you can't understand the future without knowing the past.

The past is what makes you who you are today.

I hear a lot of people say the past is the past or forget the past. Well. the past just isn't the past and you really can't forget it.

You were planted in the past, you sprouted in the present and you grow into the future....

Don't forget your past. It's an important part of your being. It's part of the growth process.
It's part of you!



Anonymous said...

It's true, the past does make us who we are today. I always find the past is an important part of characterization. Cool post!

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