Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 7 April NaBloPoMo(National Blog Posting Month

Well, today marks a week into the NaBloPoMo!

It's been quite a week for me...

I've got a lot on my plate, so today I am going to blog about sprouting projects.

I have many things I enjoy...
 I love to cook
I love to read
I love to research family history
but the one thing I most love to do is write!

This month I took on several writing projects.

Some may say why? But I say it helps me grow and isn't that what sprouting is all about.

I feel when you write, you sprout in ways you cannot imagine.

Of course I'm participating in the National Blog Posting Month Challenge, this helps me spout everyday about a different sprouting topic and helps my creative juices grow.

I took on the monthly challenge of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. This is another great challenge that helps my writing sprout! I write everyday for 26 days about a topic from A-Z. I am writing about writing.

If that wasn't enough for me... I am also participating in the Poem A Day Challenge.
I love this challenge because I can sprout poetry.

There are more challenges ahead for me this month.

All these challenges force me to sprout in my writing, otherwise I would procrastinate, stagnate.

Writing is an important part of who I am and without it I am nothing, so hurray for the opportunity to sprout!


Brenda Drake said...

Glad you're sprouting right up there! You really have a lot of challenges this month. Wonderful post! :D

upinthecosmos said...

I have to agree, I used to belong to a few writing groups & it made me feel great. I need to get back to that but wasn't aware that there were so many organized ones outside of MySpace (where I was doing them in the past). I recently joined the National Blog Posting Month Challenge, I'll have to look into that poetry one cause that's a lot of what I used to write:-)

The Desert Rocks said...

Yes, it's like getting a chance to renew yourself.
Congratulations on being able to multi-task.
I'm a one-blog wonder....but at least I know that's how I stay focused.

Dafeenah said...

I don't know how you keep all of that straight. I know I couldn't.


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