Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 8 April NaBloPoMo(National Blog Posting Month

And today sprout forecast calls for growth in patience...

My patience is not what it used to be. I tend to have s short fuse, which isn't a good thing.
Today when I sat down to write this sprout post I wasn't sure what to write about, then the word patience popped into my head.
For a long time my patience has been buried deep within the soil. I have not let it sprout.

Patience has to has to grown for you to be a better person.

Don't let your patience stay buried in the dirt!
Let your patience sprout up and grow into a loving, compassionate person...


Anonymous said...

Hey Debra, I was so happy to read your comment at Lazyonloblolly.
It's funny, but patience poped in your head this morning, I'm reading and I too need to develope more patience.It seems the older I get the less I have, thanks for bringing this to my attention,I need to work on this too.
I was noticing you are author of several blogs,WOW! sure stay busy,I think you must have alot of PATIENCE already.
Please drop back by anytime,loved having you visit.

Deborah said...

Ah, Patience - close relative of that other wallflower with hidden depths, Persistence!
Love the drawing, too.

The Desert Rocks said...

If I was a doctor I'd have more patients...patience too.

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