Friday, April 8, 2011

Fiction Friday: Page 3 KENTUCKY RAIN

This week's Fiction Friday is hosted by Sherri over @ A Candid Thought. Stop on over there to read great fiction this week or add your own!

Today's Friday Fiction is page 3 of my WIP:

“Rain, war you be girl?” I heard mommy's worried voice call me. I didn't want mommy to fret none, so I sneaked back to my bedroom.
I was askeered Ruby would still be in bed, but she'd be already up. “I'm ri'chear mommy.”
Git in heya and et your breakfast, foren it gits cold.”
Flynn was still a vistin'. His deep voice bellered from out in the kitchen. I heard daddy's booming laughter. They shore was cuttin' up. Git home Flynn McCoy.
I didn't own a dress, so I grabbed my blue blouse and overalls. By the time I got ready, breakfast mightin be done. I stopped in front of the meer. My long black har was a tangled mess. I ran a comb through the tangles, but it was just plain hojous. Nary a har on my haid would mind. I looked like I stuck my finger in a light socket. I shore wutn't no beauty queen like that Louella Hopkins.
When I got to the kitchen, Granny Dodd and Ruby was worshing the breakfast dishes. Granny looked put out.
Daddy and Flynn were still setting at the table drinking coffee.
Hidy, Hidy Flynn.” He nodded in my direction but didn't speak. I felt like warpping him up the side of his haid.
Mommy was fiddlin' with my baby brother Ford. Ford was still a knee-baby and squalled all the time. He was hanging onto her coat tails.
Rain, ifin' yer dunt mind fix a sugar tit for Ford.”
Yes um.” I went over the the sink and done what mommy said. I placed a spoon full of sorghum in
clean piece of cloth and tied up a knot so Ford would have something to suck.


journeytoepiphany said...

Wow! It's a lot of work to create dialogue with an accent, isn't it? How many books do you have published? I'm impressed!

Sherri Ward said...

Nice tidbit, makes me want more of the story!

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