Friday, April 22, 2011

Mom's Tree House Writing Club- Betrayed

This week’s prompts

#1 If you had the means to change one thing about the world, what would it be?

#2 I always feel guilty when …..

#3- Were you ever betrayed? Describe if you were able to forgive and forget, or not.

#4- Name five things you totally obsess about and why.

Today is another editon of Mom's Tree House Writing Club and for my assignment I've chosen # 3


Were you ever betrayed?  I could answer yes a thousand times over, but today because it's Good Friday I want to only talk about the one time I felt betrayed and couldn't forgive.

About 25 years ago I was going through a bitter custody battle with my ex husband. Things were on the brink of destruction and I felt my world was crashing in on me. I couldn't turn to my mother, for she had taken my ex husbands side.

This was a very devastating moment for me and the seed of hatered was planted. I couldn't forgive her for what she had done. I felt because of her actions I lost my children.

Have I forgiven her? She's gone now. She was a heavy drinker and my life was not a bed of roses. It took me many years , but a part of me has forgiven her for what she did, but I can not ever forget.


Johanna said...

Omg, Debra you made me tearful, really. I hate to see things like becuase mothers are the ones that are supposed to protect their children, no matter what. My heart goes out to you as I get to know more of you every week and I think you are sensational. xooxox

productjunkiemama said...

*hugs* to you Debra! The thing is you are still standing and nothing can shake you now. Forgiveness is a process and it has no fixed time limit. You will get through this in your own time.

Miriam from Moms Tree House

NC Sue said...

Hi there - thank you for stopping by and following, and thank you for mentioning my blog. I appreciate your visit AND your blog.

samsstuff said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through this, mother's are the ones we are supposed to be able to depend on the most. Thank you for such an honest post.

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