Friday, April 1, 2011

No Regret's

Today I'm linking up with Johanna at the Writing Club and writing about one of these prompts:
1. Describe something you saw as a child, you wish you have never seen.
2. Write a letter to your son/daughter, telling them how much they mean to you.
3. What is your biggest regret?
4. Have you read a good book lately? Tell us about it.

Today I have chosen to wrtie about my biggest regret:

You're suppose to go through life without any regret's but by the time you die your life is filled with regret. I recently turned fifty and I have regret stored up inside my memory like the world will end tomorrow.

My bigest regret in my half-century on this planet is what happened in my life in 1976.
I was 15 and my father had just died. I was going through a lot of turmoil and made one of the worse decisions that affected my life as I know it now.

Before I turned 16, I quit school. I didn't finsh, I didn't graduate. This has to be my biggest regret. I did get my GED, but it's not the same. When I fill out job applications it's embrassing to put down on paper no highschool.

I missed the best years of my life. The day I would have graduated I was giving birth to my first child(I don't regret her).

Reget can torture you. I am tortured everyday by this one stupid, hasty decision that will affect my life forever.

If you are still in highschool, DON'T DROP OUT!

Highschool graduation is the one thing you don't want to regret.


journeytoepiphany said...

Aren't you glad that God is the God of fresh starts?

Bethe77 said...

Great message to every student.
As Journeytoepiphany isnt wonderful God is the God of new beginings.
Love your blog Debra
I think you could teach a host of students.

Johanna said...

Debra, thank you for sharing. I ahve many regrets as well, but we learn to live through them and make the best of it. Like you, I missed my prom, as I was already raising my son and pregnant with my daughter. So, right there with you hun ; ) thanks for participating in the club. : )

The Desert Rocks said...

I'll trade you my degree for your daughter.

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