Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RemebeRED-Looking Back

This week we want you to recall something in your life that seemed terrible at the time, but looking back, brought you something wonderful.

A positive from a negative experience.

But WARNING: Avoid cliches like "blessing in disguise" or "hindsight is 20/20".

Be creative, but succinct. Do this in 600 words or fewer.

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Looking Back

I often wish I could go back in time and change the way by life should have been, not what it is...
My life was littered with many heartbreaking and hurtful moments, but the one moment that I keep frozen in time is the day my dad died.

I was fifteen when he passed away after a long illness. We had been very close and I was devastated by his death. I couldn't comprehend the why's of this tragedy.

To me it wasn't fair that he was taken away so soon from my life. We had so many things to do as a daughter and father. He was suppose to walk me down the aisle when I got married(but that wasn't never going to be).

I often reflect on that day every April 28th, which is only two days away.I ponder why he died and what good really came from his death.

Looking back I can see the good from that tragedy. I see his love reflected in the words I write. I see his love in the yellow roses I love so much. I see his face smiling down from heaven.

I miss my dad so very much. I wish he hadn't left too soon, but his death was meant to be and his legacy to me was to carry on and become the womanI was meant to be.

I love you daddy...
written in memory of
Claude Gray Jr.
06 Aug 1924 - 28 Apr 1976


Keena said...

My dad died 6 yrs after suffering a major stroke. He was not there for my wedding either. I am sorry your dad died when you were so young.

le Chef said...

I've lost a father too, only not quite the same way. I have also found another who was meant to be that father. I can only imagine loosing him .. I would be so heartbroken. It's interesting how much of an effect a father can have on a daughter. I'm glad you've chosen the positive to move forward with. I call that courage.

Linda H. said...

I am lucky enough to have both parents yet, though they live thousands and thousands of miles. Sometimes I feel the loss of them even though they are living.

I have lost people close to me though. Loss is always hard but even hard at a young age. It must have been terribly difficult for you.

Your post is a wonderful tribute to your father. Love never dies.

Linda H. said...

should say harder at a young age

Anonymous said...

There's never enough time to spend with our loved ones. My father passed away this past year, and I still miss him tremendously. He did get to see my children born, walk me down the aisle and a lot of the important stuff, but I could make a new list of things I wish he'd been here for. (Publishing a book would have definitely been one of them.) It only makes Heaven more attractive as loved ones travel there before us...What a hope of Glory!

thelmaz said...

What a lovely post. I miss my dad, too. He was my hero.
I have a Versatile Blogger Award for you. Stop by my blog and pick up your button, mention me on your blog, list 15 other bloggers to pass the award on to, and list 7 to 10 facts about yourself. Takes some time, but it's fun. Happy blogging.

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