Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RemembeRED-The Smell of Gasoline

This week, your memoir prompt assignment is to think of a sound or a smell the reminds you of something from your past and write a post about that memory. Don't forget to incorporate the sound/smell of your choosing!

As usual, word maximum is 700 words, but you can do fewer.

Post is due for link up on Tuesday.
OK, I'm crazy...I admit as a child I loved to smell gasoline.

Today when I pull up to the gas station and smell the pungent odor it takes me back to my childhood. A time when my parent's owned a gas station and I spent hours inhaling gas fumes.

Everytime a car would pull up to the pump, I  begged my daddy to let me help.
I couldn't help myself...I needed, wanted to smell the noxious perfume.

I'm fifty now and when I go to the gas station still have the urge to take a whiff of  my childhood.


livingsj77 said...

Hahaha!! I think every kid has this addiction. I too loved the smell of gasoline, and I too, today can hardly help myself to take a deep whif when I'm pumping gas.

It's like smelling the markers. Good post!

letmestartbysaying said...

I remember as a kid thinking it was such a different odor than anything else I was exposed to, it intrigued me.
Came from TRDC.

Roxanne said...

Gasoline and oil remind me of my dad's radiator shop, where I spent plenty of time as a child. I also loved the oil rainbows that surrounded the place.

Jenna said...

i know that strong memory. I feel the same way when I smell lighter fluid on charcoal! it's this noxious smell that brings warm fuzzy nostalgia that other people dont understand :)

Galit Breen said...

Isn't it amazing how smells can bring us right to a moment in time?! I don;t share this love, but I *so* understand what you mean!

journeytoepiphany said...

My kids still love to smell gasoline!

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