Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stolen Goods-Red Writing Hood Weekly Challenge

This week's prompt was to write about a treasure that was stolen from you or your character, and what you did about it.

Stolen Goods

Cammy Taylor watched out of the corner of her eye as the little boy walked around the store.
Her job with Meadows Department job as head security guard was to eagle-eye everyone suspicious even small children.

She looked around for his parent's but didn't see any adults. He was by himself.

Her job was simple, don't let him leave the store with any merchandise. Mr. Meadows words echoed in her head, "Do not approach the culprit unless the suspect tries to leave the store."

Well, this was one time she would disregard orders. Cammy approached the little boy who couldn't have been more than ten, if that.

She didn't look like a security gurad, so she might be able to win his trust.

"Hi, I'm Cammy. I work over in the toy department."

He didn't speak and kept his gaze on the shiny, waxed floor.

Cammy was beginning to worry. Where was his parents?

"What's your name?" She quizzed him.

"Ja..Ja...Jeremy", he stuttered.

"Nice to meet you Jeremy,"she extended her hand to his.

It was dirty and sticky.

"Where's your mom?"

"I...I don't got no mom."

Her heart broke. Why was this little boy alone in the store?

"I tell you what Jeremy why don't you come with me."
She tried to be nonchalant and not scare him, but he sensed danger and bolted from her grip.

Cammy ran after him. "Jeremy!"

They reached the door at the same time. She grabbed him by his shirt collar.

"What's the matter with you kid?" Her voice two octaves higher than normal. "Why'd you run?

He looked petrified and had peed his pants.

"You're coming with me right now!"

Jeremy tried to wiggle out of her grip, but she held him firm.

They made their way to her office in the back.
"Now sit!"

Jeremy did as he was told. The tears were falling fast down his dirty face.

"Jeremy, I'm a security guard and you need to tell me the truth."

He looked into her eyes and begin sobbing.

"I....I will get into big trouble if I don't get back soon."

Big trouble? What was he talking about?

"I don't understand Jeremy?

"Pete, that's the guy that takes care of us kids..."

Cammy cut him off. "Us kids?"

"Yes ma'am. Me and my three brothers. I'm the oldest."

"I see." She was beginning to see much more. She was beginning to see a little boy being used by a monster."

"Jeremy, you're safe now and I'll make sure your brothers are too."

"I really need to get back."

"Jeremy, I'm sorry but you can't leave."

"But I gotta take Pete..." He stopped in mid sentence.

"Take Pete what?"

"Nothing." He clammed up.

Cammy handed him a soda."Here you go."

He popped the top and guzzled the liquid down like he was dying of thirst.

"Jeremy, I need to make a phone call."

"You ain't calling the cops are you?"

"No, I just need to call my husband." Who just happens to be the Chief of Police. Technically she didn't lie.

She dialed Jake's number and he picked up.

Cammy whispered into the receiver so Jeremy couldn't hear what she said to her husband.

"Jake, I've got a little ten year old boy sitting in my office that's involved in some sort of theft ring. I'm not sure what all he's stolen."

She had her back turned to Jeremy and didn't see him bolt out the door.

"Dammit! The little urchin just escaped taking everything he stole with him, including my heart."


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