Saturday, July 2, 2011

If Only I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time

It's been a few weeks since I've participated in the Indie Ink challenge. I'm excited to be back this week for a new challenge given to me by headant @ Let's Go on a Picnic
I challenged Ixy this week. Be sure to stop by and check out these great blogs. 

headant's challenge to me this week is "You wake up one morning and time is going backwards."

"If only I could turn back the hands of time", I thought before turning in for the night.

My day had been filled with too much noise and too much stress. I just wanted to go back to the way things used to be before....before I was  a grown up.

Buzz, buzz, buzz the alarm clock signaled for me to wake up. I couldn't open my eyes. My head was a blurr.
Where was I? What was going on? 

After lying there a few minutes, I finally opened my eyes. I found I was in an unknown place. I had been jutted to another time. I was no longer fifty, but ten. I was no longer in my bed, but in my old room decorated with Donny Osmond posters.

"What the heck!"  Time was going backwards, how could that be?  I didn't believe in time travel or quantum leaps. I didn't believe in magic or fairy tales, but somehow I had wished myself back in time.

Maybe it was all a dream. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

Buzz, buzz, buzz, my alarm clock went off again. This time I couldn't open my eyes. I heard a lot of strange noise around me. I didn't understand what everyone was saying.

"Mrs. Phillips, you have an eight pound baby girl."

Waa, waa, waa....


Head Ant said...

I wouldn't try to open your eyes again.
Great job!

upinthecosmos said...

LOL, great write. I don't want to wake up with the eight pounder but being 10 for a little bit sounds fun:-)

L.J. said...

Cute story. I loved the addition of the Donny Osmond posters! Great job!

Amy L. said...

I wonder what would have happened if after being the newborn you opened your eyes again and you went back in time to be....?

Karla said...

Ha! Nicely done... and I agree with Amy L., what would come next?

Amy L. said...

"They" say we choose our lives, for learning reasons. By "they" I mean those people who have died and come back. They return with secret knowledge. One person had an abusive mother and was told during her near death experience that her life was all about loving and forgiving, especially her mother, since her mother came into this life with a lot of anger from a past life.

Jason Hughes said...

Hehehe... Donny Osmond... And I agree with Head Ant--I'd stop closing my eyes too!

Ixy said...

Interesting...closing your eyes again would be one way to find out what happens after death.

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