Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Swimming in a Sea of Controversy

Yesterday our nation was divided by the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. FB and Twitter lit up like
a Christmas tree with a million comments.

Yesterday I opened a can of worms, jumped into the deep end and swam in the sea of controversy.

I posted a comment on my FB page after the verdict was read. I am a Christian and I prayed before the verdict was handed down. As a Christian we are taught to forgive and not cast the first stone, so my prayer was that she not be found guilty.

In the depths of my being I never thought she was guilty of harming or killing her child. Yes, she made a lot of
stupid mistakes and who hasn't at that age.

I am sorry there will be no justice for Caylee, but she is now a sweet angel in heaven with Jesus.

Casey Anthony can never be the same. She'll never walk down the steet without having stones cast at her.

As a Christian we have to search the depths of our hearts and forgive her past. God has already done so.

I don't believe my prayers would have been answered if she wasn't innocent.

Today as with yesterday, I know I will swim in the sea of controversy, but that's the great thing about our nation we can voice our opinions whether someone agrees or not.

Let's go swimming....


Judith C Evans said...

Amen, beautifully written! Thank you for this important reminder of the central role of forgiveness in our faith.

Bella said...

Debra, I think we have to be respectful of the fact that everyone is entitled to their opinion and like you mention, we have no right to cast stones. I have followed this trial on and off and will admit to feeling great shock at the verdict. However, I feel that only God has the right to judge Casey. As humans, we don't have the right to pass judgement, yet sadly most of the members of society feel entitled to do just that. Thank you for this great post.

Annie Boreson said...

You make a valid argument. We are human and we make mistakes. Only God can judge, but I must admit it was hard for me to hear that she will be free, and that her parents may spend more jail time than their daughter if put on trial for perjury. They are two people who were completely thrown under the bus for their daughter's guilt-free verdict. I don't understand it...but I guess I don't have to. Thanks for your thoughtful post.

Keena said...

I agree. I was blown away by the Christians on my FB wishing Casey to hell b/c of what they thought she may have done. Only Gods knows the truth and if she indeed killed her daughter, I pray that she seeks the forgiveness of God. She will live with the trugh for the rest of her life.

Anonymous said...

I actually hadn't heard of the trial until today. (Where have I been?) Forgiving is so hard, and this is a reminder of just how hard it really is. But we all need to forgive nonetheless.

Sherri Ward said...

I always pray that the truth will come out in situations where I don't know the whole truth... God's forgiveness is for everyone who asks for it with a repentant heart, knowing that Jesus paid the price in full. God knows, and ultimately no one truly walks free when they are hiding sin. God knows the truth in this specific situation and I do not, so I pray for His will to be done, in Jesus' name.
Tough thing to write about, thanks for sharing from your heart!

Elizabeth Young said...

You are a very gracious, courageous and loving Christian woman Debra, and I am glad you followed the courage of your convictions in speaking up for what you believe in. I honour you!

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