Saturday, October 15, 2011

Are You Torn Between?

When I sat down to write todays post I wasn't sure where I was going with the between subject. I was actually lost, but I figured out why I am lost... I'm torn between, torn between my love for writing and my love for my family.

I love writing, but I also love my family and here lately I've felt as if I must(have to) choose. I don't like being torn between my two greatest passions.

 There is an inner struggle going on inside myself. I am compelled to write, but am I compelled to stop writing because my family wants me to choose?

Why should I have to choose either over the other? Isn't both gifts from God? Was I not chosen to write my words, thoughts and feelings down onto paper?

Is it fair I have to decide(be torn between my two great loves)?

I feel like I'm living inside the song 'Torn Between Two Lovers' only this is a real life struggle... a real life battle.

Today as you sit down to put your words to paper, are you torn between? Do you feel like you must choose between the lesser of two evils?

I will probably never be able to choose one or the other. I am passionate about both. Both are my life. I won't ever stop writing. I will not pent up my words because I am told I must or else(that's not my character).


The Desert Rocks said...

Very interesting and no you shouldn't have to choose--however the Fates or rather God will choose for you. I'm sure you pray, "Thy will be done" frequently if not every day. Well then--don't worry. He's got a plan. Smile.

Kelly Hashway said...

I try to write when my daughter is napping or at school and my husband is at work. I do some writing in the evenings and I usually get looks from my husband. I also get looks from my daughter when I have to answer an email or finish a client's edit because she woke up early. It's tough sometimes. We shouldn't have to choose. I really wish I could give up sleep so I could write at night and spend the whole day with my family. Unfortunately that can't happen. You're not alone though.

melody-mae said...

Oh sweetie, this breaks my heart to read this. I guess when my girls were small I didn't really do a whole lot of writing...but world was all wrapped up in them. But, I didn't HAVE to choose, the poetry and words were not there I guess. I always had it in my heart, but starting writing again when I was diagnosed with was my outlet. I am so sorry you are feeling so torn, I hope you can find a balance sweetheart! One thing I do know, God gave you both gifts for a reason...


Michelle said...

I can relate to your feelings. I often feel guilty writing when my family wants me to do something else, or when they are cooking dinner or some other household task (we all have our own chores). My family supports my writing and they don't mean to make me feel as though I have to chose, but I still feel like I do - or should. I try to balance the two and I guess that's all that can be expected.

Concilium, July 2012

clairemca said...

Don't give up your writing - it's easy to become involved in writing to the exclusion of all else and so family often acts as a barometer to when we need to be more present.

Love and attention should be a good antidote to family concerns, that and a few spells of writing in the wee hours when they are all sleeping so they don't feel deprived. That's what I try to do.

All the best.

Elizabeth Young said...

Because I'm an 'all or nothing' person I devoted myself completely to my family when the children were growing up. Now the nest is empty and I devote myself fully to writing, but I know a day will come when I am blessed with grandchildren and there will be more of an emphasis on family again. Finding a balance is always really difficult I think. Women generally wear so many different hats. God understands your dilemna fully and will guide you accoringly. Hugs. Elizabeth.

Moon Child said...

I think you can have both by sharing your love for writing with your family. You are creative and I'm sure you'll come up with a win-win solution.

Jan Cline said...

I think we all have to choose when it comes to our writing. There is always something that comes up. But I think Im not very disciplined about distractions - I mean the ones we can live without. My conference keeps me distracted, but it's all in the writing game. I dont like having to give my time to Facebook, emails and other things. Tis what we do though!

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