Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Between Now and Then

Between now and then. This statement has always puzzled my train of thought. What does it really mean? Does anybody have an accurate clue?

From the time I can remember I've always heard or known  the statement has existed, but never known what it was suppose to mean. Between now and then we what?

As a child I can recall my grandmother said it a lot when folks took sick. "Well, between now and then we'll just pray," she'd say. I wanted to always ask her, "between now and what?

What is then? How do we get to then? The way I interpret the statement is this way: between now and then (then being death) we are suppose to live the life as the Lord intended. There are suppose to be in betweens. Between now and then I think we are to live our lives in the now. If we are Christian's then we know what will happen in the then. It's what happens between now and then that truly matters.

 You might ask yourself what am I suppose to do between now and then? The answer is simple. The bible lays out your between plan so you can get to then.

 The only 'between' between now and then is Jesus.


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