Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Between Writing and Work

Ten months ago I made a choice and stopped working outside the home, to pursue my writing. I did write, but the way the economy is I couldn't continue to write and not bring in enough income for us to survive. So I make the decision to go back to work. I am now working PT (4 hours) a day. It's a little money to help make ends meet.

Yea, it takes away from my writing, but I feel it is what God wants. He answered a prayer yesterday and I know it was His way of telling my He no longer wants us to struggle.

I also know that the right writing opportunity will come along and we will no longer have to worry.

So if you struggle between writing and work, why not try to do both.  


Tracy Krauss said...

It's about choices, isn't it? I long for the day when I can do this (either write full time or pare my hours down some ...) but at the moment that is not where God has me. so ... I continue to wait on His timing. who knows? maybe my writing is better for having to guard my writing time like a precious thing...

Halli Gomez said...

I'm glad you are able to do both make some money and write.
I lost my extremely well paying job this summer and besides some sleepless nights because of money, it was the best thing that has happened in a while. I don't remember the last time I have been this happy in my professional life. I am able to write during the day and work part time teaching karate - which is my other passion.

Kelley said...

I'm so glad your prayers were answered!

It is tricky to balance both but when we're happy and comfortable, not worrying so much, we're usually better writers.

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