Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Action Day 2011:Food For Thought

I am proud to be taking part in Blog Action Day OCT 16 2011
Blog Action Day is an annual event that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion around an important issue that impacts us all.

For 2011, our Blog Action Day coincides with World Food Day, so the topic of discussion for this year will be food.

As I was reading through a few of the blogs I follow I noticed a lot of my bloggy friends were posting about Blog Action Day 2011. I had never heard about it and was curious. Their topic today is food which happens to coincide with World Food Day.

I thought how can I approach the subject of food and world hunger, easy because I've been there.

Have you actually ever gone hungry? Do you know what it feels like to put your child to bed hungry? I do!

My family lives on a fixed income so it's from pay day to pay day. Hand to mouth. We don't starve like the millions of others on the vast planet, but there are days I'll go without so my grandson won't.

I think about how blessed we are that we do have remnants of food on our table, when so many have to scrounge the trash bins for a minuscule morsel. Is it fair? No!

The food banks are bare like Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard. The government programs are running out of funding and officials turn a blind eye, sweep the hungry under the rug or out the door.

Hunger is a world-wide epidemic. It won 't go away over night(it will probably never go away).

The only decent meal some children get is at school(one of the greatest blessings for a child)because their parent's can't afford food.

Your neighbor may go hungry tonight because they had to choose between paying bills or buying medicine. Your child's friend may go to sleep with an empty belly. How will you respond?

A lot of good intentioned people talk a good talk, but don't walk the walk.  Which are you?



Noreen said...

this is the best heart and slogan i have ever heard
best of luck from noreen

Shelomita said...

Hi Debra,

Thank you for following, am following you back now :) It is true, many people just waste their food while others are hunger to death. It really breaks my heart too when some days we had too much leftovers and had to throw it to the garbage bin. I could not stop thinking how the food could really usefull for those in the famine striken country or those who really did not have anything to eat at all....lovely post, Debra!

Velvet Over Steel said...

Great cause and post. I hadn't heard of it, maybe I'll have time to post something later. I love the picture too!

Newest follower! Have a Great day! ~ Coreen

The Golden Eagle said...

Great post on food. It's sad, but almost definitely true that hunger will never go away--but there are certainly things people can do to help.

Thank you for coming by my post. :)

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