Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm Taking My Blog 'Getting Through the Hurt and Learning How to Heal' and entering the Women of Faith Contest 2011

Women of Faith Writing Contest 2011

I am entering. I'm taking my blog posts 'Getting Through the Hurt and Learning How to Heal: A Journey Through Post Abortion' and turning into a book.

Here's the prologue:


After an abortion you may experience many facets of an emotional roller coaster. You may feel hatred, guilt, shame and yes, sometimes even relief. These gamut of emotions run deep creating wounds that may never heal and permanent scars that can last a lifetime.

In order for you to heal, mend and start the recovery process you must travel down many different roads and go through the fire before you get where God is taking you.

Your life will never be the same after an abortion. You must adjust your internal emotional clock in order to realize you are human and God has already forgiven you. Now, you must learn how to forgive yourself.

All the negative voices inside you head will worm their way into the crevices of your soul if you stay in the dark place of life.

I want to take you on many journeys and through the fire until you reach God's purpose for you.

He does not want you to suffer. He brought you through the storms to help the hurting, heal the broken and harbor the lost.

You may go through the journeys many years or only a day, but you will come from the ashes into the beauty a stronger woman so you can fulfill God's purpose for you. It took me over thirty-five years to realize I needed to go through the journeys and fire before I could fulfill my promise to God.

I got through it and so will you. With the Lord leading my hand, I will show you what God has planned for you too!


Elaine Stock said...

Blessings to you on your work to help others get through emotional tough times. What a team you & God will be!

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