Sunday, October 2, 2011

National Blog Posting Month Day 2: Between Rejection and Success

It's day 2 of NaBloPoMo and the theme is between. Today I am going to write about between rejection and success. As a writer I've seen my share of rejection, probably more than my share of successes. It's part of being a writer, part of becoming a better writer. What's in between is what makes you a failure or a success.
Yes, good writing is one of the keys. But only one thing stands between rejection and success....

What stands between a writer's rejection and their success is determination... I for one know you cannot succeed without it. You'll be stuck between, in the middle of nowhere. 

Determination is the between it all! You may get a thousand rejections, but determination is your bridge, your between to success. You can't have emptiness between rejection and success. All you'll get is failure.
I know from experience. I left the door wide open for failure. Determination was left outside. It wasn't my between. 

If you're rejected(and you probably have been or will be) put determination between you and success. It's the only way....


Debra Ann Elliott said...


Brenda H said...

I have let failure get in my way too many times. Sometimes I just settle which is dangerous ground. I really enjoyeenthe post... Reflection is always good.

Moon Child said...

Hi Debra Ann,

Thanks for this insightful post. I think the authors who do succeed have one of three things going for them: 1) The right connections, 2) Timing or 3) determination.

The author Paulo Coelho's quote in "The Alchemist" about most people giving up on their dreams when they're two steps from achieving it, comes to mind.

Never give up.


Ellison Bay Pottery said...

I learned from a master potter that desire is all you need. Nice post, thanks.

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