Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pick a Number Between One and Six

This past Saturday my family and I attended a fall festival at our local church. There was food, fun and family events we enjoyed. Part of the main attraction was Captain Carl Kelly, a Christian magician.

We were getting ready to leave when my grandson wanted to play a few more minutes, so he ran off to slide and the rest of us decided to watch the magic show. Little did we know that my daughter would be a part of it...

Captain Carl engaged the audience and asked for volunteers. He called a little girl up to the stage and asked her to pick a person from the audience to join them. This went on until he had six people on stage. Now this is where my daughter comes into play. The last person picked had to choose the smartest person from the audience to participate. My daughter April was chosen.

Captain Carl weaves Christianity in with the magic he performs. In the act in which my daughter participated he had six various cards. He told the audience each card represented different ways people thought they could get to heaven. He lined up the six chosen people in front of the audience and gave each a card. My daughters job was to pick a number between one and six. April chose the number six. 

What he did next was amazing! He spelled out the number six and told the remaining five people to reveal their cards. The first card revealed a water sign. Captain  Carl told the audience that a lot of people think the only way to heaven is through baptism. He went on to explain that baptism is alright, but that wasn't the way to heaven. The process continued with several other ways people thought they could get to heaven. This continued until Captain Carl got to the last person. He had the little boy reveal his card. Can you guess what was on card? If you guessed Jesus, you are correct!

People in the audience burst into applause. Tears were flowing. It was awesome. Captain Carl's act was entertaining and enlightening. 

 Captain Carl's message wasn't about the magic, but about how Jesus is the number one way we can get to heaven. He is the Son of God and the Savior of Man.

 So when you are tempted to pick a number between one and six, remember there is only one number and that is the number 1!

More about Captain Carl Kelly's mission:
Captain Carl Kelly ESBC courtesy Jenny Hoffman Ellison

With Christian Magician J. Carl Kelly, discovering Gospel Truth can be
exciting, heart-warming, inspirational fun for the whole family!

J. Carl is an Christian magician who combines Music and Magic to engage audiences and clearly
present Gospel Truth. He has delighted audiences across the country and around the world. He even
presented his world famous “Music and Magic with a Message” presentation in England with the
Queen (near by and just down the road).

With J. Carl, your group will laugh, clap and be actively involved in making the magic happen. Yes you
will “SEE the MAGIC”. More importantly, J. Carl can clearly present the powerful truth of the Gospel.
Both the program and the message can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your event.

More than mere entertainment, J. Carl uses his programs to present the gospel of Jesus Christ. Once
he has established a relationship and captured the audience’s attention, he can present the Gospel of
Jesus Christ in a simple, meaningful way.

J. Carl got his start in magic as a child, when he would perform magic for his brother and sister and all
the kids in the neighborhood. After coming to know the Lord in the fourth grade, he became involved
with magicians who came to his school and church, and J. Carl started presenting the Gospel through
his magic performances like he saw others doing.

J. Carl’s involvement in performing and ministry continued through his college years at Troy State
University in Troy, Alabama where he met one of those school magicians again. He worked with the
Troy State University Baptist Student Union’s youth ministries and started his ministry as a youth,
music and missions leader where he used his magic to express and gospel message.

And the rest is history… 


melody-mae said...

This sounds like a wonderful way to get the message of Jesus across to everyone...what a great idea. I bet, I would have been one of the ones with tears in my eyes!

The Desert Rocks said...

The only true magic is God's magic! Thanks for the cute post!

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