Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3: NaNoWriMo

Day three is underway. It's not going too shabby today. Words are flowing quick as I can get them typed out.

Word count today: 533
Total 3 day word count: 3911

My characters are starting to take on a mind of their own. They are leading me in the direction where they think they should go.

Join tomorrow as I chart yet another day of NaNoWriMo


Tyrean Martinson said...

Way to Go!!! Keep on Writing!!!
The story in my plot has thickened unexpectatedly too . . . all of a sudden my characters have to deal with deep seated prejudice that I didn't expect to deal with in my fantasy story world . . .but I like it, and I'm just going to keep on writing.
Best Wishes for a Great NaNo Day today!
- found you through Sommer's NaNo support group.
My blog is

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