Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Fiction: Change of Plans prologue page 1

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This is the prologue of my WIP

Positive. Zelda starred at the bright pink plus signed etched onto the store-bought pregnancy test. Pregnant. Her mind froze. She couldn't possibly be pregnant. She didn't feel pregnant. Didn't she and Howard always take precautionary measures?
Zelda double-checked the stick again. The pink plus sign was still there. She wrapped the unwanted evidence in tissue and tossed it into the waste basket. Pregnant. The word kept echoing in her confused mind. Zelda had to be sure. She grabbed her cell phone and punched in her gynecologist's number.
“Dr. Warren's office. Connie speaking, how may I help you?”
Connie Peters had always been aloof with Zelda although they had gone to high school together. She would thrive on the possibility Zelda might be pregnant.
“Hi Connie, this is Zelda Zimmerman. I need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Warren as soon as possible, please.”
“O.K. What's the nature of the visit?”
Zelda didn't want the words to escape her thoughts. Once she actually said them to someone else it might be true.
“Ms Zimmerman, are you still there?”
Zelda's mind went blank. She couldn't do it.
The sound of Connie's sweet syrupy voice brought Zelda back to reality.
“Yes, I'm still here Connie. I need to get a pregnancy test.”
Once the words were out of her mouth Zelda couldn't take them back. They were etched in stone. The words stung her tongue.
Connie didn't seem to hesitant on the other end.
“Dr. Warren can squeeze you in this afternoon around three o'clock”
This afternoon at three. What would Howard think if she were pregnant?
That's fine Connie. I'll be there.”


Christine Henderson said...

Just thought I'd check in to see how you're doing on both NaNo and NaBlo and I see you are also part of PiBo. What is PiBo? You sure are taking on a lot this month!

The Desert Rocks said...

I think that's a great prologue. Makes you want to find out what is going to happen nine months down the road. Clever. :)

Kathleen Basi said...

You've definitely taken to heart the advice to start with a moment that changes everything. Good luck with Nano!

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Change of plans indeed. It'll be interesting to see what role Connie plays in the story...

The Drama Mama said...

This definitely hooks me in. I really enjoyed this!!

Are you still doing II this month while doing NaNo?

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