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Searching for Sara, book launch blog tour

Searching for Sara is not your run of the mill "romance", as the romantic feelings between Christopher and Sara are but a small facet of the story. Searching for Sara is the story of two people who face their daily tortures of fear and grief to find happiness.

Sara Little has an intimate knowledge of fear, faith her only constant. Then God calls her to put aside her past to pursue a life beyond servitude for the English aristocracy. A life in America.
Christopher Lake exists in a daily void of agony and grief, stripped of his wife, their unborn son, and his passion for art. All that remains to tempt him to live is that of his five-year-old daughter. But after almost two years of wallowing in sorrow and rage, even that is spent.

Searching for Sara is the tale of how these two people discover healing and laughter by following the call of their hearts to help others. You can read more about Nona's book at the following link.

Searching For Sara excerpt:

Mr. Lake halted the cart between their chairs and began the task of preparing two

cups before Sara could offer. “Do you prefer sugar or honey in your coffee?” he asked

as he poured. “Will you want cream?”

Sara stared, bewildered. “I….”

He set down the carafe. “You have never tried coffee, have you?”

Sara gave a slight shake to her head, humiliation tightening her throat.

“Ah. A first.”


Mr. Lake presented her the cup and saucer. “It is hot, so take care.”

She gazed down into the deep richness. The strong aroma reminding her of home,

but a different side of the memory. Sara gingerly tilted the cup to draw in a tiny sip. The

flavor was full and powerful, though a hint of bitterness caused a wrinkle of nose.

“Never have I witnessed such a complete exploration.” He chuckled. “The verdict?”


“Your first experience? How did coffee fare?”

“It is wonderful, sir. It only needs a bit of cream and honey to soften it.”

“So I have won you over.” Mr. Lake added the cream and honey and returned her

cup. “Believe it or not, coffee is either liked or disliked. Though, some enjoy the aroma.

The way of opinions, I suppose. Teddy once commented coffee is like a punch in the


She took another sip. The sweetness of the honey and the silky smoothness of the

cream enhanced the richness brought a smile. “I love it.”

“To coffee.” Mr. Lake lifted his cup toward her. “Quick may it grow, rich may it brew,

and dark may it pour.”

Sara laughed, her cheeks burning at the unexpected emotion of ease. It felt unlike

anything she remembered. Simple. Comfortable. Another separation from her old life.

“Do you realize you called me ‘sir’ at least twelve times in this brief conversation? I

do believe you only said ‘Mr. Lake’ twice.”

Sara blinked at him.

He sipped his coffee, his examination of her launching her into a mild panic. His

expression seemed a mixture of seriousness and that hint of mischief. “Not once did

you even attempt to stumble over ‘Mr. Christopher’. You could say it once, couldn’t you?

If only to prove you consider the possibility.”

“I….” Sara’s eyes strayed to the doorway. “I do try to remember, Mr.—”

“Mr. Christopher.”

“M-M-Mister….” To her shame, her cup rattled against the saucer.

“Oh dear.” He set aside his coffee. “Sara, I apologize. As you can see, I am a pest.

More so than usual this morning. Dix would banish me from the house if she were


Sara gawked at him. She could count on one hand the times she received an


“I am sorry,” he said again.

A clear tone of regret rang in his voice. Sara offered a small smile. “It is fine… Mr.


He blinked. Then his handsome face relaxed. “That wasn’t so difficult, was it? The

world has not ended. You are still there. I am still here.”

Sara found herself laughing.

An interview with Nona:

Tell us about your newly released book, Searching for Sara. Is it part of a series?

Searching for Sara is the story of two people who face their daily tortures of fear and grief to
find happiness. And, yes, it is part of a series. The Heart of the Blessed. Each book in the Blessed
series is dedicated to a part of the “Beatitudes” from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount taken from the
book of Matthew (Matt. 5:3-12). Searching for Sara focuses on verses 4 (mourn) and 5 (meek).
Releasing Yesterday, the sequel due out December 2013, will focus on verses 7 (merciful) and
9 (peacemakers). The final book, Broken Angel, is inspired by verses 3 (poor in spirit) and 6
(righteous). There may come two more books to the series, but at present those are the only
books finished and I have other projects more complete than a vague impression. :)

Did you learn anything along the way as you wrote Searching for Sara?

In writing Searching for Sara I discovered so many different things about myself and my
own struggle with fear. Sara became my hero, my inspiration to become more than I was. An
encouragement to continue walking forward in determination, comforted by faith. Sara taught me
a deeper truth about love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Why did you choose to write Searching for Sara as a historical romance rather than setting
the story in a modern time? What drew you to the era?

Searching for Sara was intended as a sequel to Broken Angel (not yet released), which is another
historical romance, but set in the 1880s. I grew up reading Barbara Cartland regency romances,
so it didn’t seem out of the ordinary for me to write a Victorian-era romance at all. In fact, I love
writing period pieces. They can be so lush and wonderful, like a fairy tale.

What are a few of your favorite parts/scenes of the book?
I enjoyed writing the scenes between Sara and Christopher’s five-year-old daughter, Gwynnie.
Not having children of my own, it gave me an opportunity to write a different type of devotion.
Another favorite were the scenes between Sara and Christopher when she helps him rediscover
his inspiration for art. God used those scenes to show me how the meek could be strong.

For you personally, what is the best thing about being a writer? What is the worst?

The best thing about being a writer is the new worlds, passions, and characters I meet with each
novel. They teach me so much about myself and how I should (and should not) treat/relate to
others. Writing gives me the opportunity to see a cause & effect in action, and allows me a safe
place to experiment with other people’s lives. HAH!

The worst thing about being a writer - besides not having enough time in the day - is sometimes
not having confidence enough to usher my novels outside. That was a fear I battled far too long
before my recent determination to experience the failures and successes of the writer’s life. After
all, sometimes we can only learn when we fall flat on our faces.

Thanks, Debra, for letting me stop by and talk writing!

Nona King is an independent writing professional for Angel Breath Books. She has dedicated
herself to writing true-to-life characters, be they villain or hero, so her readers can experience
life and its many passions. All her stories focus on faith, honor, and the importance of
communication and trust in our relationships with others.

Sara Little has ached to live in America. But being born of a single mother in London’s working
class, she could only dream. Drawn to the possibility of a new beginning, she follows God’s
whisper into the unknown. But more awaits than the realization of her dreams. Caught in the
whirlwind of debuts and dinner parties, she has fallen in love with the one man she believes
doesn’t deserve.

Now on sale for 99 cents for ALL digital editions! Find the links at the ‘Searching for Sara’ page on
Nona’s website!

Enter to win a copy of Searching for Sara:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a copy of Searching for Sara to review. Words are Timeless is not responsible for the giveaway. 

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Unexpected Angel Blog Tour

I found myself drawn into the story and carried away. This is the story of all of us and how we sometimes find an unexpected angel in our lives. I give this story 5 stars.

An Unexpected Angel – Plot Synopsis

Ella Davies, is focused, independent, and driven. Her hard work is finally paying off and she is on the brink of great success. But what no one knows is that her frantic drive is born not from a desire to succeed, but from a need to forget – forget her past, forget her guilt, and mostly, forget the tragedy that changed her life forever.
Ella’s strategy seems to be working but on Christmas Eve she meets Cohen, a strange man with an even stranger purpose. Cohen catapults Ella back through time and forces her to confront not only her own pain, but the pain of those long since passed. In the process, Ella learns about courage and compassion and that in the darkest hour, no one is ever alone.

Janet Halling discovered her love of writing at the age of six when her story of a lonely duck won a first grade writing contest. She has a degree in Marketing Communications and lives with her family in northern Utah. She is currently working on her next novel.

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Launch Out Into The Deep Book Blast and Giveaway

Launch Out Into The Deep is a Gold recipient of Mom's Choice Awards for outstanding spirituality book, it won the Dove Approval ( for ages 12 plus, and recently won silver in Christian Living in the Reader Favorite annual contest.  Although our book has these accolades its still a gem that's hidden and waiting to be discovered.  
Launch Out Into the deep has an uplifting and life changing message for teens and young adults.  However, adults of all ages have been deeply impacted by its message as well.  
Learn more by visiting their website at

This is a book I would recommend to anyone who has gone through any overwhelming situation in their life.

More about the author: 

Acacia Slaton Beumer is a graduate of Oral Roberts University; 
she will earn her Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy in the summer of 2012. She works in the Social Service field and finds a sense of joy from helping others. Her husband, John, is in the United States Army. Acacia has two daughters, Jana, who is three years old, and one year old Jaci. Acacia loves to interact with readers and welcomes questions and feedback.
  If you're interested in contacting Acacia email her at  

The author is giving one lucky reader an audio copy of the book and a $20 restaurant e gift card. 

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Happy X-Giving

This post is part of the Christian Writer's November Blog Chain. The theme is Heirloom.

Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the days of Norman Rockwell's Thanksgiving no longer exist. It did when I was growing up in the sixties and early seventies. I can still smell my grandma's turkey and ham wafting through her kitchen. I can still hear the chattering of all my cousins. I miss those days. They stopped after my dad passed away and my mom and I moved three-thousand miles away from Thanksgiving.

After I got married and had kids, I tried to give them a heirloom Thanksgiving with all the trimmings. It didn't go as planned. Times were rough for myself and my first husband. With four children we barely made ends meet. My kids never had a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving.

As time passed, kids grew up and went there own way. Now it's me, hubby,daughter, and grandson. We spend Thanksgiving, just the four of us around a tiny table wishing for that Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving.

It seems the older your children get the less they care about Thanksgiving. It's more about the food, playing video games, or watching football on T.V. The true meaning of Thanksgiving went out the door with yesterday's parents. It's our fault. We have become a society of fast-paced, let's get it over with Thanksgivings.

I want my grandson to experience a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving, but he probably never will. My family is scattered about and the excuses are never ending. There is now a hustle and bustle that keeps my family from that Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving. What's your excuse?

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. 
Psalms 100:4 NIV

Click here to read the other entries for this month.

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A Peace of My Mind

My "life" job is to have the same attitude of Christ. Recent events in our nation made me ponder whether everyone does. Christ loves everyone. He loves regardless of color of skin. He loves the Jew, the Catholic, and the Muslim. He loves the poor, middle class, and the rich. Christ loves the straight and gay. He loves the prostitute. the gang banger, and the drug addict.

Christ also loves the homeless and that's what my rant is about today. Here lately a lot had been said about legalizing pot, gay rights, and the middle class, but somewhere along the way the poor and homeless have been swept under the rug. Our nation has become a sea of homelessness. It's sad that our government has turned a blind eye to what is happening.

 It's also sad when the bible tells you to help thy neighbor without motive or question and people still don't get it. It's sad when a stranger will help quicker than family. It's sad when a child goes to bed hungry or a homeless person sleeps out in the cold.

I love my country and my freedoms, but my country is going to Hell in a hand-basket because we are no longer a nation of "In God We Trust", but autocratic instead of altruistic.

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Winning the City Redux Blog Tour Meet Special Guest Author Theodore Weesner

Winning the City Redux is a coming of age YA novel. The only problems I found with the book was grammar and punctuation.  I had a hard time following what the writer was trying to get across. Some of the sentences were choppy and incomplete. I didn't finish and put it down after the first paragraph. Mr. Weesner  left me wondering how the he became a highly acclaimed Literary fiction author. 

Except from Winning the City Redux:

This is it. Today is the day. The first practice of the 
year after school in the boy’s gym. Time to show the speed, do 
the deed, take the lead! All these weeks and months Dale has 
been able to think of little else. Since last spring. what?

I couldn't continue reading any further. I don't like to give negative book reviews because I'm not a critic, but I am a writer and a reader and I just didn't like this book.

I give it two thumbs down and 1 star.

Press Release:

Highly acclaimed Literary fiction author Theodore Weesner is back, following up his “modern American classic” (The Car Thief) with an exciting coming-of-age literary drama, set within the background of inner city youth basketball.

Winning the City Redux [ISBN: 978-1-938231-08-7; Literary Fiction; Paperback, US $12.95; ebook, US $5.99 March, 2013] is now re-imagined for a new generation of readers to discover. Written in Theodore Weesner’s signature gritty style, Redux again breaks through as an enduring piece of literature, even as its language and plot coalesce to form an enthralling page-turner. Winning the City Redux entertains as it examines new dimensions of classism, corruption, youth angst and dangerous passion.


It’s Detroit, 1961. Fifteen-year-old Dale Wheeler, the son of an unemployed, alcoholic autoworker, has big dreams of leading his team to the City Basketball Championship.  But his dream is shattered when Dale—the co-captain and top point guard—is cut from the team to make way for the son of a big money team sponsor.

His life in a tailspin, Dale finds a helping hand in Miss Furbish, the beautiful homeroom teacher whose well-meaning kindness gradually builds into a potentially dangerous passion.  And in his lowest times, Dale gets a final shot at his dream:  A hardscrabble team of street-ballers that may have what it takes to win the City Championship.


Theodore Weesner, born in Flint, Michigan, is aptly described as a “Writers’ Writer” by the larger literary community.  His short works have been published in the New YorkerEsquireSaturday Evening PostAtlantic Monthly and Best American Short Stories.  His novels, including The True DetectiveWinning the City and Harbor Light, have been published to great critical acclaim in theNew York TimesThe Washington PostHarper’sThe Boston GlobeUSA TodayThe Chicago Tribune, Boston Magazine and The Los Angeles Times to name a few.

Weesner is currently writing his memoir, two new novels, and an adaptation of his widely praised novel—retitled Winning the City Redux—also to be published by Astor + Blue Editions.  He lives and works in Portsmouth, NH.

The book can be purchased at B & N and  Amazon

Disclaimer: The opinions in the post are my own honest opinions and do not reflect that of the general public.

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Texting Through Time Blog Tour Meet Special Guest Author Christie Monson

This month I have the pleasure of introducing author Christy Monson.

This Christmas season author Christy Monson returns with her second book in her Texting Through Time series.  Texting Through Time: John Taylor helps youth learn more about John Taylor and the early Latter-day Saints in a fun and captivating way.

Here is a brief description of the book:
Micah and Alicia are excited to meet John Taylor as a child in England. But when their phone won’t let them return to their own time, they’ll follow the prophet around the world, learning some important lessons along the way. Humorous, entertaining, and informative, this book is a wonderful introduction to church history that’s bound to be a family favorite!

My book launch will be at the Ogden Temple Desert Book Store on Friday, November 23rd from 2 – 3:30 pm. Join the fun. Come for refreshments and a fun signing.
Check the websites for other scheduled signings.

If you like contests, be sure to join the book blast on November 13th. Order a book from Amazon and leave me a message on one of the following sites to win a $25.00 Amazon Gift Certificate.

Meet the Author:
My grandmother lived with us when I was young. She loved to read me stories. I would curl up in her lap or sit on the bed next to her and listen to the tales spin out before me. We cried together over Lassie Come Home and loved Madeline and her adventures. That was a magical time for me in my life. When my children were little, I loved reading to them because it kept the magic alive. Now my children are grown, I can keep the magic by writing stories for others to read.
I love to read and write stories about the pioneer prophets.
Pioneers live all over the world. I still have family in Switzerland and Poland. Where do you and your ancestors come from? Write and tell me.
I am like the pioneers because I love:
  • Old fashioned cooking—making butter
  • Pioneer games—button, button, who’s got the button?
  • Crafts the pioneers enjoyed—drying wild flowers
To learn more about the author and her books, you can visit her website at:

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How I Rose From the Ashes of Pity Into the Beauty of Purpose: The Backstory of My Book 'From the Ashes of Pity Into the Beauty of Purpose

Today I want to share my story of how the idea of 'From the Ashes of Pity Into the Purpose of Beauty' began.

My journey started thirty-five years ago. I was 16, alone and pregnant. I lived in Oregon where as a ward of the state I had no say in what happened to me or my unborn baby. On November 4th, 1977 I had an abortion. That memory was seared into my heart and soul. It never left me. Years of pain and anguish followed me everywhere I went.

I relived that exact moment over and over every November 4th and still do. I couldn't write  or speak about what happened. I carried the burden with me for many years, until the Lord placed it upon my heart to write about my suffering. He was asking me to share my tragedy with other hurting women.

In 2009, I started blogging and found the website Christian Books for Women hosted by Karen. This is a wonderful site for woman who are going through tough times. I approached Karen with the idea of a series for women who either had gone through an abortion or was thinking about it. She liked the idea and a series of articles was born out of my tragedy.

I wrote several articles and when the series ended, I decided to create a blog to reach as many hurting women as I could. I knew this is what the Lord wanted me to do at the time.  In January 2011 Getting Through the Hurt and Learning How to Heal was born. I added more articles, but in the back of my mind I knew God wanted me to do more than just post a series of articles on a blog.

I decided it was time to get up off my duff and write a book to help other women who have suffered. The book does not focus on me or my abortion. It  focuses on women who have hurt and need to know the Lord is always there with them.

I've added more chapters and now the book have 6 sections and 30 chapters. I know this was the direction the Lord was leading me in all along. It just took me awhile to get there.

It is my desire that my book will reach women across the globe who are suffering and need the encouragement  to move forward in their lives and not look back.

It is time to rise from the ashes of pity into the beauty of purpose.



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Kris Kringle’s Magic Blog Tour Meet Special Guest Author Diane Stringam Tolley

Once again author Diane Stringam Tolley weaves her magic with the release of Kris Kringle's Magic. If you read one book this holiday season to your children this one needs to be at the top of your list! It's become a family favorite...

About the book:

Kris Kringle’s Magic: Before the Snow

Many of us go to the same job, day in and day out, for thirty years or more.

We give each other awards and kudos for doing so.

But what would it be like to have the same job for hundreds of years?

A person who did that would have to really, really . . . not like being at home.


Or to love his job.

Either way, it would say something about that person.

Speak to his character.

Now Kris Kringle, for example, has been doing the same job for many, many, many years.

What a treadmill that must be.

Make toys.

Keep a record of letters and requests and good/bad children.

Load said toys.

Deliver to said children.

It could become monotonous.

For a normal person.

But Kris loves his job.

Lives for his job.

And does it well.

But what of the boy inside the man? What life experiences forged such a steady, caring, selfless
individual? An individual who will spend his life thinking totally of others. With no thought of
personal gain or reward.

What would it take to create such a person?

And there must be a reason he started his whole ‘gift-giving’ enterprise. There must have been a
first day.

Just as there must have been a first time he saw the future Mrs. Kringle.

And there also would have to be a pretty strong motive for them to decide to move, bag, baggage
and Elves, to the North Pole of all places. One of the most inhospitable areas of the earth.

Were they simply explorers, looking for the most rugged spot they could find? And realized
upon seeing the great expanse of ice and snow that is the North Pole, that their search was over?
Or could they have been fleeing something so horrible that any land, even one that was frozen
solid, would look more welcoming.

These are the ideas behind Kris Kringle’s Magic.

At least that is my story.

About the author:

I was raised on a ranch in southern Alberta in an atmosphere of literary magic. With a mother
who wrote constantly and a father who spouted poetry at every opportunity, I caught the literary
bug as I would a cold. I have been writing since I could hold a pencil. And even before, if you
can believe some of the crayon scrawlings on my mother’s walls.

My greatest goal in life, from the time I was 11, was to be published. I wrote short stories,
articles, how-tos, poems and finally novels. One by one I sent them off, each accompanied with
the tiny little hope that - this time - I would be published.

And finally, with Carving Angels, it happened.

I have watched the episodes of a popular talent show where people get ‘discovered’ and you can,
quite literally, see their dreams coming true in front of you.

That is how I felt when I first looked at that contract offer from my first, real, publisher. As
though all of my dreams had just been realized.

It was quite a feeling. Have you ever seen an old woman turn handsprings? I’ll save you the
embarrassment by telling you it’s . . . quite a sight.

To actually have someone like my writing so much that they would publish me was only a little
lower than a miracle.

I will always be grateful.

The idea for Carving Angels, my first published novel, was conceived when I was looking at a
picture of Santa Claus, coloured by one of my Grandchildren. I remember thinking, “I wonder
who made his sleigh?” The rest of the story simply filled itself in as I wrote. Papa Adam and his
granddaughter, the irrepressible Amy, quietly stepped out of the shadows and onto the page. The
Elf community gathered around. Sometimes they moved so fast that I had a hard time keeping
up. Finally the other creatures who made their home at the North Pole pushed their way in,
demanding to be included.

The resulting story, of love and faith overcoming impossible obstacles, is simple, touching and
quite common. We see similar stories every day. But sometimes they just need to be pointed out.

Kris Kringle’s Magic came to me as my husband and I were camping with friends in the great
Canadian woods. As I shivered in my sleeping bag on one of northern Alberta’s warmest nights
of the year, I began to think about people who chose to make their homes in even colder climes.
Naturally, my thoughts turned to the most northern point I could think of. The North Pole. Okay,
what sane person would live there? And what could induce them to do so? It would have to be
something . . . momentous.

And it was.

Kris Kringle’s Magic is a story of courage amidst trying times. Of prejudice softened by
understanding. Ignorance overcome by the power of pure love. It tells of the boy, Kris, trying to
right wrongs in a world where Elves are no more than slaves. Of his struggles to feed the hungry.
Bring aid to the destitute and lonely. And with the help of his loving Rebecca, to change his

It also explains how and why Kris, his wife, Rebecca, and their firm friends, the diminutive but
loving Elves, all end up living at the North Pole.

I love Christmas. I love writing about it. Writing about people who give without any notion of
receiving. People who care about their fellow man.

Not only is it an opportunity to celebrate the birth of the Greatest ever among us, but it is also
the time when good will abounds. I find it interesting that a date that commemorates the birth of
our Lord and Savior should resound with such peace and love. Over 2000 years after the actual

This, to me, is significant. A sign of His greatness.

I don’t know about you, but I rather think my birthday will be long forgotten in 2000 years.

No matter how many books I write.

Diane Stringam Tolley
Carving Angels
Kris Kringle’s Magic
Cedar Fort Publishing

Friday, November 9, 2012

Update on my non-fiction WIP: From the Ashes of Pity Into the Beauty of Purpose

I have been writing and revising every day. Today I am at about 14,000 words, 3 sections, 19 chapters, and 53 pages.

This has been a labor of love for me. I've been working on this project almost 4 years. It started as a personal cleansing for me as a series of on-line articles. I then took my articles and published them on a blog to help other hurting women. While the articles focused on and dealt with abortion, the book does not. I detail my pain and suffering, but it's about hurt, pain, sorrow, and grief.

The Lord has directed me in this project and when it's completed it will be about 50,000 words, 6 sections, and 30 chapters.

Please continue to pray with me that my project finds its way into the publishing world to help a hurting woman.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Death of Writers Digest Community

I was saddened to learn that on November 30th Writers Digest Community will close its doors. It is home to over 12,000 writers who get together and share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas. We are a close knit group and I'm going to miss all my online writing buddy's.

Writer's Digest Community has become my writing home. I enjoy conversing with other writers. I will miss them dearly.

I received this email this morning about the announcement:

Hey WD Community Members,
It's with a heavy heart that I announce that the WD Community site on the Ning network (this site) is coming to an end on November 30. We're glad this site was able to help so many writers connect with each other, and we wanted to make this announcement early enough so you have time to copy any of the content you placed on this site that you want to keep because on November 30 the site will be shut down and all content will be gone.

Thanks again for making the WD Community site on the Ning network  such a fun and inspiring place. We hope to carry on the writing conversations over at
Take care of yourself and your writing,
Online Editor
Writer's Digest

Insecure Writers Group

It is time once again for me to bare my writing insecurities. IWSG is hosted by the very talented Alex J Cavanaugh.

So what are my insecurities this month?

Let's see, I started NaNoWriMo and probably won't finish, I feel guilty. I always start, but never finish. I am working on a non-fiction inspirational that has been in the works over 2 years. I keep adding to it and hope an agent or publisher picks it up.

My biggest insecurity is I feel my writing is never good enough. I hate rejection, in fact I stopped writing for awhile because of it. I realize it's a big part of the writing puzzle and I need to understand without rejection I cannot be a writer.

What's your writing insecurities this month?

Operation Agent Ink Workshop and Pitch Opportunity

Talynn over at Ink in the Book is hosting a great workshop for writers and their manuscripts(whether completed or WIP). The workshop runs through the beginning of February when writers have the opportunity to submit to an agent.

Operation Agent Ink has extended sign up and looking for more inspirational fiction and non-fiction writers. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your writing, get great tips, and talk with an agent.

I signed up for non-fiction inspiration and one of the agent's during the workshop is Ms. Linda  Glaz of Hartline Literary Agency.

This is what she is looking for: List of specific wants: I don’t connect with a lot of nonfiction, but would always be happy to have peek. However, if you’ve got a great romance, either contemporary, suspense, or historic, you’ll probably make me happy. Please no fantasy, sci-fi, or children’s. And any other genre, if well-written, will certainly get my notice. Well-written…well-written…well-written. I’m not choosy as long as it’s …well-written.

Resurrection Blogfest and 3rd Anniversary of My Blog

Today is Resurrection Blogfest hosted by Mina Lobo over at Some Dark Romantic.
This blogfest is is celebration of her 1 year blog anniversary. Today bloggers join forces and post something from their very first year of blogging.

This is perfect timing for me as today is my 3rd blog anniversary. Three years ago I decided to jump into the blogging world and created my very first blog. Three years later I have 7 blogs.

My 1st year as a blogger was hell. I wrote three posts in that 1st month and had fewer followers. My blog has seen many changes in three years. I've changed the name twice, deleted my blog twice and stopped posting for several months. I went through a lot of changes as well. I've grown as a writer in three years as my blog as grown.

I have a pretty good fan following and my writing style has changed over the years,bur I still stay true to who I am as a person and writer.

I am proud of that very 1st post. It showcased who I am as a writer and helped me get through all the jitters of blogging.

Here is my very first post November 8th, 2009:

Knock Upon My Door

On this page you will find Christian poetry I have written:

The Lord's Mercy

Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance. 
Jude 1:2 NIV

Shower me with your love, O Lord...
Let mercy rain down on me.

Shower me with your peace, O Lord...
Let mercy hear my plea.

Shower me with your love, O Lord...
Let mercy set me free.

Shower me with your peace, O Lord
Let mercy pay my fee.

Shower me with tender mercy, O Lord...
give me love and peace.

Yea, Though I Walk

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Psalm 23:4

Yea, though I walk
through the valley of death...
Jesus is with me through my 
last breath.

He is there to guide... 
my fear will subside.

Yea, though I walk
through the shadows of doubt...
Jesus is with me

He is there to lead...
He is all I need.

Lord, You Are My Harbor 
The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe

Proverbs 18:10

Lord, you are my harbor
always protecting and guiding...
In you I am always

Lord, you are my harbor
my light, my beacon...
In you I am always

Lord, you are my harbor
in the darkness of my prison...
In you I am always

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