Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who Inspires You?

Who inspires you?

I hadn't thought much about that question, until I sat down to work on my law school essay.

I am getting ready to enter college in the Fall and these three women have inspired me...

 At fifty-one I am about to enter into the world of college freshmen. College will be a different avenue. For the last thirty-five years I have  been raising a family and working, now I am about to realize my dream. A bachelors degree in criminal justice will be just three and a half years away.  
  I'm not in high school anymore. College will be different beast. I know I will feel as if I have gotten myself way in over my head. Long hours of studying and up all nights will start  to take a toll on my mind. The underdog syndrome will take over. Determination and desire will  fly out the window. I won't be able to see myself graduating. All I will see is failure. My courage was lost until I turned on the television.

Three women changed my life and those same three women inspired me to continue my education and not give up.

One of those women was Claire Danes in the biopic of Temple Grandin an autistic woman who struggles but goes on to graduate from several colleges with multiple degrees. I was inspired by Ms. Grandin's courage and determination. She was an underdog because of her disability, but she forged through, turned her life into ability and lived her dream.
Another inspirational woman from whom I drew strength and courage was Loretta Young as Swedish born Katrin Holstrom in The Farmer's Daughter. Katie was a naive girl from the farm who winds up in the city and becomes a congresswoman. Her life gets turned upside down when she involves herself in politics. I was encouraged by Katie. She showed me just because some people think a person is naïve doesn't mean anything. Katie showed everyone she had spunk and set out to fulfill her dream. She was an underdog who might have not accomplished anything if it had not been for spunk. Katie Holstrom inspired me to have spunk, without it I would have quit.

The last woman I drew inspiration from was Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. I have always wanted to become a lawyer, but when I saw Legally Blonde and the way Elle Woods didn't let any obstacle get in her way I knew the possibility could become a reality for myself. She was an underdog. Elle had to compete with highly intelligent people, but she did and proved because a person looks different doesn't make them any less smart. The inspiration I took away from Elle Woods was drive. The drive to succeed had always been there. I had just forgotten how to use it.
These three women were underdogs, like myself. They each taught me it takes strength, courage, spunk, determination and drive to make your dreams become a reality. It takes inspiration not to give up. I didn't. I will graduate with my degree in criminal justice and I will be  very proud of that success and that part of my life. Without inspiration, strength, courage, determination, spunk and drive I would still be an underdog cowering in the corner.


The Desert Rocks said...

Congratulations and good luck Debra! I would have to say the strongest motivation was my mother.

Beverly Diehl said...

Sometimes people say, "But I'll be XX old when I finish law school/medical school!" Won't you be that old anyway?

Good for you for pursuing your dream, and what a great one it is. (I loved Legally Blonde, too - as well as the Temple Grandin biopic.) I find writing inspiration in Laura Hillenbrand, who keeps writing despite her dehabilitating illness.

Tracy Krauss said...

Good for you! My friend is going back to college as well at age 56 to do her four year social work degree. You're never too old, that's for sure.

Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Moon Child said...


You have courage and intelligence so you'll be a brilliant attorney. I add you on to my list of women who inspire me. And Marianne Williamson who doesn't mince words and is a powerful speaker that often moves me to tears.

thebigguyinSF said...

Hi Debra,

Congratulations on your trek back to school, it takes a lot of courage; which simply means tredging through the fear and akwardness and doing it anyway.
I Started going back to school three and a half years ago at thirty-five. I spent college oportunities in my twenties in an alcoholic and drug induced haze. I had no motivation or vision and had no idea what I was suppose to do.
I guess it always weighed on the back of my mind that I never got an education. God called me to go back to school in faith and I was encouraged by an eighty-year-old woman who was going to school.
I wasn't the oldest person on campus. You will also find you have something the kids fresh out of high school don't have. Experience. That has given me perspective where I don't listen to every crack pot thing some of my teachers come up with.

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