Sunday, April 22, 2012

The World is Brown

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The world is brown...
It's a sad fact that everyday we are turning our environment brown. Let's face it, our world is dying and we're not doing anything about it!

It's a brand new year and it should be a brand new world. In 2012 every person on this vast planet should do their part to "reduce, reuse, and recycle". I know I am!

My "change the world" initiative is to change the world from brown to green with the three r's. No, I don't intend to change the world with reading, writing and 'rithmatic but reduce, reuse and recycle!


The first step I can take is teaching my family and myself how to reduce. I need to face the fact head on that we are a family of wasters.

REDUCE: Remember every destruction  utilized causes erosion.

In order to have a plan to reduce what my family uses and wastes I came up with a simple solution. I had never really thought much about the destruction I was causing to the planet. I didn't realize every negative thing I was doing when I bought certain product packaging.

I had to reduce my family's wastefulness. It was my duty to turn my family into a green family who actually cared about the planet.

I began to utilize new product packaging. Just because a product is packaged in a smaller container doesn't mean I don't get the same results.

I looked for green packaging. Landfills are over capacity and my household was a contributing factor to the problem, not a solution.

Now instead of utilizing destructive purchasing behavior, my family now utilizes environmentally friendly products. We want to keep the Earth green and clean!

REUSE: Remember efficient use saves Earth.

 It's hard for me to remember to reuse. It's also something I need to get into the habit of doing on a daily basis. I've got to learn it's efficient to reuse what I already have and it saves Earth.

Instead of paper or plastic I now use a reusable grocery bag. It's not only economical, but it can be used many times and not harm the planet and take up unwanted space in a landfill.

Many products have multiple uses.  I hadn't thought about all the plastic jugs I threw away that could serve other purposes. I now use the jugs for bird feeders, plant containers and scooper's.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to reuses something lying around the house. My family now thinks twice before throwing anything away.

I want to be efficient not deficient with the products I buy. Tons of plastic, glass, aluminum and paper sit in landfills because someone like I used to be didn't reuse what they already had.

 Earth is only borrowed, I want to make sure it's here tomorrow!

RECYCLE: Remember Earth cannot yield continuous lost energy.

Through reducing and reusing my resources I learned to recycle. Recycling is one of the most important factors in saving Earth. Earth is overloaded with junk. Junk depletes energy.

I don't want myself or my family to be the cause of energy depletion. We created a recycling station. It's a family affair. The family that recycles together saves the planet together.

Our family uses colored coded bins. It's a great system for my grandson to learn about recycling. Recycling not only teaches him values, but how important our planet really is.

To make recycling more interesting I also have special bins I use to make a point about the condition of Earth. I have a brown bin and a green bin.

During the week everything recyclable goes into the brown bin. It overflows by the end of the week. I point out to my grandson this is how Earth is. It becomes so full of garbage and becomes overcrowded.

On recycling day it's his job to sort the glass, plastic, aluminum and paper into the different bins. When he gets through everything is neat and in its place. The brown bin is empty and the green bins are full . He knows green means money, but I taught him it also means when we take all the stuff we collected throughout the week from the brown bin the Earth is happy and now because we chose to recycle the Earth is now a green planet!


The plan to turn the earth green is simple and it starts with you and me. I want to live on a green planet. I want my grandson to continue to live on a green planet.

Save the Earth
that's my motto;
we're about to hit
Stop all the smog;
the drain is getting
Save the Earth
plant a tree;
so we will be
pollution free.
Clean up the mess;
so we can be our
Save the Earth
give it another chance;
it's time to
Protect our resources;
join forces.
Save the Earth
do it today;
don't delay.

Take the first step. Become proactive....
Create a green world!

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Louise Gallagher said...

Hi Debra! thanks for this. I have made a commitment that one day a week I will not drive my car nor spend money. Yesterday was my day and I was incredibly productive at home!

Cindy Brown said...

Everyone needs to be more conscious, that's for sure! We started taking steps a few years ago and keep adding to them.

Step 1) Buy some big recycling bins like these:

There are other colors available and you can stack them in your garage, pantry, or a coat closet if you have room. Use them to put your rinsed and flattened out recyclabes in.

Step 2) Visit the nearest recyling bin or facility in your town and find out what they take. Our local one takes cardboard (flatten out all those boxes or burn them if you burn trash or have a wood stove), tin cans, aluminum cans, paper, magazines, newspapers, plastics #1-7. You'd be amazed at how much of your trash consists of just those things! Pick a couple of days a month (depending on the size of your family) to take your haul to town and help the environment. Our local recycling facility uses handicapped people for sorting and helping out in order to give them a job. It's an awesome incentive!

Step 3) Make a little money if you want to! Some recyclable items mean money in your pocket, like aluminum cans and tin cans. I wash mine out so they don't stink and take them in every few months for a little extra dough.

Step 4) Get your own shopping bags and if you do use plastic, recycle it! Our recycling place has a bin for bags and so do most Wal-Mart stores.

Step 5) Look for other ways to be green like homemade laundry detergent and cleaners. Join some great sites like where you can find great tips almost daily!

Keep working at it and be conscious. Those are the most important steps.

Christine Henderson said...

We've had landfills since man started having settlements. Just think of the broken clay pots and other assorted items that archeologists find in their digs.

Terri said...

These steps are brilliant Debra and the fact you are sharing them with others for inspiration is the positive move our planet needs right now. I love the way you talk through the whole recycling process with your Grandson - that will be with him for life. It's also a big issue to look into the ecological impact of the companies we buy for - consumer power yields a mighty strength when used well and we can force these big businesses to clean up their act. Thank-you so much for joining the Earth Day Blog Carnival.

Francene Stanley said...

I've lived the way you suggest most of my life. Especially in the seventies, when the back-to-the-earth culture expanded. Business doesn't want us to reduce our spending, but it's up to us to stamp our foot.

Kelly said...

Great post!

Isn't it amazing how much of our heritage and regular practices involve waste and garbage - so many years of my life I didn't even think about it (and it's still at times a habit too easy to get back into).

But when you do start thinking about it, it's surprisingly easy at times to find areas that can be so simply cut back or reused or recycled...and those things lead to more and more.

Sincerely thank you for your inspiring post - you've reminded me (once again) of the importance of those 3 R's. :)

Amy Reiswig said...

Great post! I appreciate your ideas about how to incorporate the 3Rs into everyday life. That's really the best way to do it, isn't it?: a little at a time, every day. =)

Meegs said...

Yeah, everyone (myself included) knows recycling, but so many people forget that there are other Rs that should come first!! I'm working on the reducing, because we have too much already.

Hybrid Rasta Mama said...

I really loved the way you laid out the information. For someone new to the "green lifestyle" or looking to make some baby steps, this is a must read.

I am HUGE on reducing and just did a whole house purge, repurpose, donation extravaganza! It really is mindblowing how much we accumulate.

ConnieFoggles said...

Excellent info. I have trouble with reducing waste. I need to work on buying products with less packing and more environmentally safe packaging. Just not buying what isn't needed is helpful too.

Christine Powell said...

What an inspiring post, I already live a fairly eco-conscious life, but I know there is more that can be done. Especially on the reduce topic.

Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama said...

Great advice! I'm sure you'll be inspiring your grandson and making his life dramatically better by passing along these values.

I'm glad to have found you through participating in the Earth Day Blog Carnival with you!

Kerry McDonald, M.Ed. said...

This is such a simple and important reminder about Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling. It is so essential to keep these notions top-of-mind, particularly for me the reducing component, as I need to make certain that I am always mindful of this. Even simple steps, like buying the head of lettuce that isn't already in the plastic bag or container, is important. Thanks for the reminder!

Liz said...

Ooooh, forgot to say,

Journaling Woman said...

We need to take care of our precious Earth, unless we have a back up planet in mind.


Sela Toki said...

The other day I was just thinking of how much we, as a family have wasted. Mainly where food is concern. The phrase "waste not, want not" couldn't be more true. Sometimes we just don't think of where all these abundance of food comes from and never once stop to think that we're depleting the earth from everything green and beautiful. We all need to work together to contribute to saving the earth. It starts from home...

nutschell said...

That's a long post! but well worth the read. I wish more people would start being more environment-friendly:)

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