Friday, March 23, 2012

The Greatest Generation: Saluting the Women of World War II

Who were the women of World War II? The were daughters, sisters, wives and mothers. They were one of the greatest generation of the 1940's.

These women wanted to do their part during the war. These brave women didn't just want to work in factories, they wanted to serve their country.

These women weren't celebrities or famous. They were just ordinary women who wanted to make a difference.

To learn more about the greatest generation of women from the 1940's check out Women of World War II-a pictorial tribute to those who served and American Women in World War II.

Do you know a woman who served her county during WWII? Want to know where she lived in 1940?

In 10 days the 1940 US Census records will be released. Websites have been gearing up for the release. The 1940 U.S. Federal Census is the largest, most comprehensive, and most recent record set available that records the names of those who were living in the United States at the time the census was taken.  This census will tell us a lot about our grandparents and parents. To learn more check out the 1940 census. You can become a 1940 Census Ambassador or Help Create a 1940 US Census Index. Join now and make a difference.


Christine Henderson said...

Catching up on the blog chain. Thanks for this post that reminds us of our women warriors!

Sue McPeak said...

Great post and pictorial link. Congratulations on this post being selected as a Top 10. Well done.

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