Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Transporting Back to the 1940"s

Transit ad, circa 1940s. Image courtesy Seattle Municipal Archives.

Come join me as I go for a ride back to the 1940's.

I wasn't born until 1960, but my biological mother was born in 1940, my adoptive parents grew up in the 40's. All of them were from the South and poor. When I came across the ad above I though about my parent's and wondered what their reaction would have been to such a contraption.

Could you imagine being poor and something like coming down your dirt road? I know I couldn't fathom what it would have been like to grow up in the 40's poor and never have such a luxury. I can see the look on my teen-age father's face. He'd be raring to get into the drivers seat and race down the road to get away from his existence. He actually did. My dad lied about his age to enlist in the Navy at 16. I'm sure he thought of the many adventures(My dad didn't see combat like so many other's. He served his tour of duty in Alaska.) he'd have instead of war when he left home. My adoptive mom probably would have joined him just for the thrill(she was a thrill seeker) of something shiny and new.

That was another era. An era of newness and biggest. A time and place many of us can't imagine. My parent's were there. They lived what is now considered a decade of dreams. They didn't get to ride in new contraptions, all they could do was dream about their futures.

"Beam me up Scotty."

Want to know more about the 1940's? Check out 1940 Census Project website and while you're there why not join the project and sign up to become an indexer.
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Anonymous said...

Great post, amazing photograph. What a time!

Michael Pierce said...

Love the ad from GE. Funny that we're still trying to convince people to use public transportation to this day. I like the way you associated this to your parent's perspective; very nice.

I took a technology spin with my post; stop by if you have a minute. I'd appreciate any feedback you may have.

Great job & good luck!

Beverly Diehl said...

And we're still fighting to convince people to use public transportation to this day.

There was a beautiful look to automobiles, clothing, and hairstyles in the 1940's, IMO. Hats! I loved the hats.

Thanks for sharing a fun bit of history and your memories - and for your work on the census project.

lynnmosher said...

Since I was born in '46, I love that time. Like the black and white movies, music, etc. I never knew any of that about you, Debra. So glad to know more about you.

Kristi said...

Great vintage ad, and good insight into how your parents might have reacted!

Jack Brown said...

I don't remember the forties cos I wasn't born 'till 1950 but I miss the 'trolley' buses. we had single deckers but the majority were double deckers.....eee them were't days.
thanks for the nostalgia.
biiiiig hug

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