Tuesday, October 23, 2012

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#63-Winters Spell

The prompt this week is:… and winter will bring …As usual you have 100 words to add to these 4.

Winters Spell
Big fat snowflakes the size of bumblebees floated down from the blue-grey winter sky. I stuck my tongue out to catch one before it melted. Swirls and swirls of white lace danced around, sticking to me like prickly cactus needles. 
The snow grew heavier and I panicked. I couldn't see where I was. The beautiful snowflakes turned into snow monsters. I tried to run, but slipped and fell into a snow drift. I couldn't move. Snow covered me like a thick, woolen blanket. Ominous, dark clouds replaced fluffy white cotton balls. A blizzard now replaced dainty snowflakes. I was lost forever...and winter will bring death.


icedgurl trek said...

great!! nice spell! :-)


Tara Tyler said...

woah! what a twist! nice job!

Sandra Crook said...

eerie, and an effective switch from the beauty of the season to the less attractive aspects.

Megan said...

Beautiful. And strangely makes me excited for winter!

Delft said...

Lovely imagery: the bumblebees, the swirls of lace. And the drawing is beautiful too.

I confess I found the tiny font of the story (8pt?) quite hard to read - it may display differently in different browsers, but it's much smaller than the links in the sidebar, and half the size of the prompt-font...

Nicole Buckingham said...

You write. Oh you write so wonderfully and I am oh so glad to have found ya. I'm following you now from the followers to friends hop and am so very excited to be able to read your words more regularly.

If you're up for a bit of a ride please do join me at localsugarhawaii.com and join our sweet little link up with friends this wordless, kinda, Wednesday.


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