Thursday, October 18, 2012

100 Word Challenge- Out of Time

This week I'm participating in 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#62
This week we are staying with normal life and the prompt is:
…it can’t be that time….
You have, as usual, 100 words to add to these 5 making 105 in total. Keep it suitable for PG certificate and please put a link somewhere back to this post so that others can find it and join us.
If you are befuddled by the whole thing, read ‘What is 100WCGU?’ which may help. If not please leave a comment below. The link will close on Monday 22nd Oct.

Here is my 100 plus 5

Out of Time

I glanced at the black and white clock on the stark avocado green wall. Noon. It can’t be that time…

My husband John would come through the emergency room doors and tell me everything was alright. He would assure me our teenage daughter and her boyfriend weren't killed in a car accident. It was only a dream, surreal.

I saw a blood soaked white coat out of the corner of my puffed, tear soaked eyes come toward me. John knelt beside me as I crumbled to the checkered tiled floor.Death wrapped us up in a cocoon weaved with threads of careless youth.


Dani said...

Goosebumps just ravished my arms reading this. Chilling and good!

Karen S. said...

Oh those sour days of careless youth.... Great writing you aced this prompt, love the photo as well....and yeah at this moment it isn't that time! Ha! Ha!

judee said...

Every parents nightmare, this gave me a chill of pain reading it.

Sally said...

Very emotional words, you have conveyed every parent's worst nightmare.

Miriam said...

"Death wrapped us up in a cocoon weaved with threads of the careless youth." Very good writing!

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell. Literally. Every parents nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Hospitals. Time passes so slowly, and everything is surreal. How awful, how awful.

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