Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Madness Challenge #2

 Today's October Madness Write-a-thon challenge from Britney:

Challenge #2
Pick your favorite character from a book. Add this character to a scene in your WIP. If you don’t write fiction, get creative with this. If your goal is to write in your journal, pretend you are writing your journal entry as a letter to this character. If you write magazine articles, write an article from this character’s POV.

I've chosen to write about Jacob Marley from Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol'. My WIP is Mirror Mirror a YA paranormal romance when girl meets ghost.

"Who are you?" Megan stammered and reached for the telephone.

"Megan, please do not be alarmed."

"Alarmed! I don't know who you are or how you got in my room?"

"I am your protector. You guardian ghost"

Megan picked up the receiver to dial 9-1-1, but Jax grabbed her arm.

"Let me go!"

"Megan, please let me explain."

Megan wasn't sure why, but she didn't place the call for help.

"Okay, explain how you got here."

Jax stood next to the mirror.

"I'm a ghost."

The handsome man that stood before her was a ghost. Impossible. The only ghosts she knew didn't

look this good. A picture of Jacob Marley entered her head and she giggled.

"Don't you believe me?"

Maybe she did, after all she did plead with the mirror to send her a handsome bridegroom.

"Prove it."

Jax waved his arms and floated to where she sat. Megan jumped when he landed on the bed.

"Now do you believe me?"

The blue-eyed ghost sitting on her bed sure was no Jacob Marley.


Erin Kane Spock said...

So no chains forged in life?
Fun idea.

Britney Gulbrandsen said...

Love it! :)

Karen S. said...

Did she have a ghost of a chance in finding a real live handsome man....that is always the question. I just love the roll that you are on....your writing is right on....and it begs for more.

Lo said...

Awesome! It's been fun to meet other authors and their blogs through October Madness. New follower!

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