Friday, October 12, 2012

October Madness Write-A-Thon Goals

From October 15-20 I am part of the October Madness Write-a-Thon hosted by Britney.
Here's how this whole thing is going to work:
  • Today's link for goals will stay open until Monday morning.
  • The giveaway post will go live Sunday morning and will close on Tuesday the 23rd.
  • Each morning (Monday-Saturday) she will post a challenge. You can post your challenge responses (or your thoughts on the challenge & what you learned) to your blog, twitter account, or in the comments section of the challenge post. You may post your updates the same way. Each challenge post will have a linky at the bottom for you to link up your challenge & update posts. If you're using twitter & you tweeted more than once, please only include ONE link per day (you can post one for the challenge & one for updates). Thanks!
  • The challenge posts & updates are NOT required. They are just a fun way to engage with one another. Plus, they will get you bonus entries in the giveaway!
So here are my October Madness Write-A-Thon Goals:
1. Write every day at least 500-1000 words.
2. Update my blogs more regular
3. Work on at least one novel (revising, drafting, whatever it might be.)

What are your writing goals for October?

You can join in the fun by linking up or posting on twitter using hashtag #octmadwrite.


gloria said...

Because I am planning on ONLY working on my non-fiction book in November, I am setting a lot of goals for October (to clear November's calendar, so to speak). I have 8 devotions due by the end of October, 4 posts written for each blog (2) so they will already be written and I can just post them, 4 new query letters sent and 3 articles finished and ready to send. Also, I want to have Nov and Dec articles for RFW ready to submit. I am obviously praying about all of this. :)

Britney Gulbrandsen said...

Great goals! Thanks for joining in the fun!

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