Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Centus- The Eyes Have It

Jenny Matlock
Saturday Centus is hosted by Jenny Matlock. Today's prompt is based on this piture.
PROMPT: 100 words based in this bizarre picture
WORD COUNT - Not to exceed 100
PICTURES - Any additional
The Eyes Have It

"Green, no wait blue maybe." I can't remember the color of his eyes. I do remember how they pierced through my soul with a desire so strong my heart exploded into tiny shards.

It's been five years since I saw those eyes. I could feel them watching me, tearing down the wall I had built around my heart. I shuddered knowing what those eyes were capable of doing to me.

I tried to make my escape, but I was caught in his seductive web. His gaze clamored for my attention. A single tear fell from eyes filled with golden fire.


Gail said...

Very well done. I'm off to create mine.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Ooh, I likey:@)

Sue said...

Quick! Put that wall back up again!!


PS. Seriously, great take on the prompt.

noexcuses said...

Great job! A guy that sheds a tear...hmmm! Or was that your eye! Either way, I enjoyed this!

Karen S. said...

Oh yes, I've met one like that once myself...this is good, and begs for more!

Emma Major said...

Oh that sent shivers up my spine. Great writing.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done. Beautiful imagery. Think I might go now and give it a try.

Jenny said...

Wow. This was wonderful writing.

It gave me the shivers.

Plus that eye picture IS pretty creepy.

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