Thursday, October 18, 2012

Will the Real Debra Ann Gray-Elliott Please Stand Up

I discovered the Life: Unmasked blog hop hosted by  Joy in the Journey. Today I am sharing my first unmasked post.
Will the real Debra Ann Gray-Elliott please stand up?
You see, my problem is I don't know who she is. There are days when I think I have mastered the real, true me. Then, I begin to question do I really know who I am?
I know I am a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother. I know I wear many hats. I am a published author.  I know I am a Christian, but what I don't know is my purpose.
I wasn't born Debra Ann Gray. I was born probably with the last name Ingram. I know my biological mother, but not my father. At four months old I became Debra Ann Gray. At eighteen I became Debra Ann Gray-Burdeaux.  Twenty years later I became Debra Ann Gray-Elliott and thirteen years later I still have no clue to who I really am.
Am a soul brought into this universe to make a difference?
Inside this soul is the real me waiting to escape and fulfill my purpose set forth fifty-two years ago.
When you begin to doubt the real you, just remember you were created in perfection, but life is filled with imperfection and flaws, but you are not.

For encouragement check out Getting Through the Hurt and Learning How to Heal by Debra Ann Elliott
Will the real Debra Ann Gray-Elliott please stand up!


Ink in the Book said...

Lovely post and it was stated so simply that the message stood out loud and clear!

Joy said...

Ahhhh! Someone else who doesn't know who they are yet either! One of my friends, same age as I am (later half of the 30s) told me this summer that she has been three different people since she graduated high school. Maybe that's why it's so confusing. We change, and with each new change, we have to learn ourselves again.

Thanks for linking up to Life:Unmasked!

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