Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Operation Agent Ink Workshop and Pitch Opportunity

Talynn over at Ink in the Book is hosting a great workshop for writers and their manuscripts(whether completed or WIP). The workshop runs through the beginning of February when writers have the opportunity to submit to an agent.

Operation Agent Ink has extended sign up and looking for more inspirational fiction and non-fiction writers. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your writing, get great tips, and talk with an agent.

I signed up for non-fiction inspiration and one of the agent's during the workshop is Ms. Linda  Glaz of Hartline Literary Agency.

This is what she is looking for: List of specific wants: I don’t connect with a lot of nonfiction, but would always be happy to have peek. However, if you’ve got a great romance, either contemporary, suspense, or historic, you’ll probably make me happy. Please no fantasy, sci-fi, or children’s. And any other genre, if well-written, will certainly get my notice. Well-written…well-written…well-written. I’m not choosy as long as it’s …well-written.


Ink in the Book said...

Thanks for the shout, Debra. Hey guys, hop over and sign up. It really is a fantastic opportunity!

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