Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 A TO Z CHALLENGE #AtoZChallenge. A

It's official! Today is April Fool's Day and the first day of the A-Z Challenge hosted by a group of great bloggers. I debated about whether I wanted to stick with a theme or just write willy-nilly. My blog has been empty since December and I really almost thought about deleting it. The A-Z Challenge actually gives me an excuse to get off my duff and write! So, I've decided on a themed challenge. Without further adieu my theme is 'weird words'. From A-Z I'll write about weird words nobody ever uses. And since I'm a writer, I will try to use words withing a writing frame.
Today's word is Autophoby - The fear of referring to yourself. The fear of using the pronouns "I" or "Me."

Most writer's write in third person, except me. I love to write in first person. I'm not sure why I prefer that style of writing, but I am most comfortable with 1st person and suffer no autophony, which is really a bad habit. Writing in 1st person means a quick death for writer's. I've experienced it. I have a proclivity of using too many personal pronouns(i.e.I) 

I am, I saw, I was, I did...

I guess I can't be accused of autophoby. I am a first person writer. I salute all the writer's out there who have autophoby. 

Be sure to stop by tomorrow and see what weird word I've chosen for day two. Also, stop by and read the A-Z Challenges of many great bloggers.


Printed Portal said...

I am a first person writer too. There are probably more of us than we think.

Sally said...

What a great word. A new one to try and use in my vocabulary.

Jess * Jessie * Jessy said...

First person writers are hot! And DO NOT ever think about deleting this blog. It's GREAT!

Zoanna said...

That's certainly a new word to me! And i love learning new words, so if you will visit me I will come back and visit you for more. Otherwise I may just keep picking numbers out of a mental hat in order to see 10 blogs a day in A to z. Sheesh, I still can't beleve over 1800 ppl signe up for this!

Kathy Bradey said...

First person is my favorite, too!

Good luck with the challenge!

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