Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Disney's Dead and Walt's Rolling Over in His Grave #mileycyrus #disney #morality

Annette Funicello courtesy of The Mickey Mouse Club-Disney

Walt Disney was the patriarch, Mr. Morality. His "kids" didn't stir scandal or create chaos. What a difference a generation makes! Yes, morality died with Walt...

In the era of Walt there was such a thing as a morality clause, today's Disney buried morality along with him.
Courtesy MTV-VMA 2013

Walt Disney must be rolling over in his grave at the thought of his name being associated with three of Disney's former stars.  Brittany kissed a girl and liked it. Christina got down and dirty. Miley left her morality in Montana. All of these celebrity's were 'Disney girls". Two were on the Mickey Mouse Club. Is this the plight of what will become of today's Disney stars?

When I think of Disney, I think of wholesome, family values, and something my grandchild can watch. Yes, he's watched the Mickey Mouse Club and Hannah Montana, but what happened to the stars after Disney?

I think in a perfect scenario these girls needed a mentor. They needed Walt Disney and Annette Funicello. Disney was Mr. Morality and Annette was Miss Wholesome. Walt was a watch dog because he cared about family values. Annette didn't want to embarrass the Disney name or herself.

It's sad in today's Disney when you're gone, you're gone. There's no one to catch you when you stumble. There's no one to tell you no. Of course, your parent's aren't because all they see are dollar signs. Your friends won't because they are hanger's on. What you need is a good dose of reality. What you need is Walt Disney to shake some sense into you. Yes, you are an adult, but act like one!

I don't want to see your crotch on television!

Note: Miley Cyrus' escapades were fueled by the media as well as social media. She probably got what she wanted to achieve. She got fifteen minutes of shame in my opinion. I'm guilty as well by writing about what she did, but as a parent and grandparent I have to pray for her, wish she was mine so I could whip her behind.  


Jennifer Clay said...

I didn't know what to think when I saw Miley's performance. I am so glad that my girls did not see this!

Kylie Worthington said...

Yeah it's crazy..

Bernadette Callahan Powell said...

Her performance was a bit overplayed but I think thats what she was going for and I think everyone is doing just what she expected them to do....talk and share.
I do wish there was a way to tone done what kids see and hear but sadly it looks to only be getting worse.

Nicole Howell said...

I do not blame her 100%. She has been led down this path by our society THIS is the norm for our young girls now. We need to find a way to put a stop to!

Linda Kinsman said...

We never watch MTV and usually no awards shows in our house. There is just to much of this going on. I'm your newest GFC friend and thank you for stopping by my blog.

Suzi Satterfield said...

I'm seriously, seriously glad that we don't watch that crap. Besides that, MTV stopped being "music" ages ago. Which sucks, too.

Victoria said...

This is interesting. I did not know they were Disney girls. Wow.

Lisa Ladrido said...

I think she got what she intended, media attention. Is anyone even saying anything about the 36 year old Thicke? I do not watch MTV and never plan to. As a society we have allowed this type of behavior to take over. I am sure Mr. Disney would be appalled.

113tidbits said...

Definitely not fit to wear the mousketeer ears.

Laurie - Steals and Deals for Kids said...

Disgusting! Parents need to carefully monitor what their children are watching....even on kids channels...including The Disney channel!!

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