Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Last #FMFParty

Five Minute Friday


I hadn't thought about last's in twelve weeks. On May 27th, I lost my youngest daughter to an AIDS related illness. She was twenty-seven. She's been sick for ten years and came home to die. She died in my arms. We got to spend five painful and sad weeks together. I cared for her, I cleaned up puke, I cried. I watched the life being sucked from her rail-thin body. My once beautiful daughter was now a skeleton. We made it through Mother's Day. God gave me a free pass, but I knew it would be any moment. She grew weaker and weaker with each passing second. When the day came, I wanted to hide but I couldn't. I didn't want to face her death. A mother should never watch their child die. My heart died the moment she took her last breath. 



Patricia Storbeck said...

Hallo Debra Ann.
I'm so sorry reading about your daughter. No mother should have to go through something like this. I too lost my daughter in a car accident. She was 15 and she died in our arms too.
My heart goes out to you. God Bless.
Patricia, (FmF)

SingleMomBomb said...

That was painful to read. My heart goes out to you. I can not begin to imagine the hurt of losing a child. Hugs to you and your heart.

Sally said...

So sorry for your loss - beautifully tribute to your daughter.

Lydia Filgueras said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I have a loved one who's been living with HIV for the last 8 years. What a lovely thing you wrote. Bless you.

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