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Friday Fiction-WIP Season of Miracles- part 2 #friddayfiction

It's been a long time since I've participated in Friday Fiction. A lot of pain and sadness has come into my life and I stopped writing, but I'm back to start sharing once again. This week's Friday Fiction is hosted by Karlene.

This is a continuation of a story I started in December 2011. You can read the beginning here.


 “It's close to dinner time anyway. Aren't you hungry?”

He shook his head. “Actually, I'm famished.”

Maddie laughed. “I'm glad. Tonight is Italian night.”

Italian night?”

My mom is a huge fan of TV cooking shows and tonight she's practicing her culinary skills.”

Sounds delicious.”

It will be. My mom's a great cook. Also, my dad's a deacon and he can figure something out

regarding your living situation.”

Thanks Maddie.”

No problem.”

Maddie switched off the light and they proceeded down the narrow corridor to Joe's office.”

I need to grab my things and we'll be on our way.”



Maddie waited outside in the hall for Joe to retrieve his things. The pungent aroma of

cinnamon wafted through the air. She was thankful Joe had accepted her invitation. Dinner

would be the perfect opportunity to ask him to help with the children. Maddie seize the moment.


Joe stepped into his office and didn't bother to close the door. He grabbed Pastor Fred's

sermon notes and stuffed them into his leather briefcase. The aromatherapy candle was still

burning, so he blew it out. The scent of cinnamon danced in the room. Lord, thank you for all

you have given me.


Maddie was deep in thought and didn't hear Joe.


You startled me.”

Sorry. You looked a million miles away.”

She blushed.

Let's go. My mom doesn't like to wait.”


They proceeded outside. Maddie locked the sanctuary doors and walked down the steps with Joe. She 

followed him to his car.

I didn't see another vehicle when I pulled up earlier.”

I walked here.”


I only live a couple of blocks from the church.”

The burnt orange sun was beginning to set in the evening sky. Crickets chirped in the distance. Chirp, chirp, 

chirp they sang. A cool breeze encircled Maddie and Joe.

Do you mind if we walk? Unless, you prefer to drive?”

No, I don't mind. It's a beautiful night for a walk.”

They walked in silence to Maddie's house.

Joe broke the silence between them.

Maddie, I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your invitation.”

It's my pleasure Joe.”

They had walked a few blocks when Maddie stopped in front of a magnificent Victorian home.

The antique white Victorian was decorated with many faucets of Christmas. Greenery hung everywhere and 

huge red bows decorated the windows and door.

What a beautiful home.”

This is where I live.”

It's beautiful.”

It's too big!”

Joe laughed at her observation.

Come on, I'll introduce you to everyone.”

Joe followed her through the gate and into the house. Like its outside counterpart the inside

was heavily decorated with Christmas greenery and huge red velvet bows. An eight foot

decorated Douglas fir stood proud in corner. Melodic music sung through the house.

Mom, I'm home and I've brought the new pastor with me,”Maddie called out.

Maddie's mom joined them in the foyer.

Madeline dear, why didn't you call?”

Sorry mom. I didn't...”

Mrs. Pierce interrupted her daughter.

Welcome to our home Pastor...”

Joe extended his hand.

Joe. Joe Walker.”

She took his hand and shook it vigorously.

I'm Ann Pierce, but everyone around here calls me Mama Ann.”

Nice to meet you Mama Ann.”

If you two will excuse me I've got to go get cleaned up before dinner.”

Of course dear. I'll introduce Pastor Joe to everyone.”

Maddie made her way up the oak staircase and left Joe alone with her mother.


Hoomi said...

Wow, even longer than the interval since the last part of "Mermaid Weekend" I'd posted. It's always nice to get back to it, isn't it? Maybe not easy, but nice.

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