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The Happiest Life by Hugh Hewitt-Book Review- #review #happylife #books

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Are you living your happiest life? I thought I was until I read The Happiest Life by Hugh Hewitt. When I received my copy in the mail, I couldn't wait to start reading it. It's if  Hugh Hewitt was directing his writings toward me!

This book is a treasure trove of valuable information to guide you toward your happiest life. You not only learn what the seven gifts are, but how to be a receiver and giver.

The seven gifts: encouragement, energy, enthusiasm, good humor, graciousness, gratitude, and patience are my seven weaknesses. I tend to be filled with discouragement, no energy, unenthusiastic, no joy, ungrateful, and impatient.

After reading The Happiest Life by Hugh Hewitt, I understood why these seven gifts are so important for a happiest life. You have not only have them, but you have to give them back. 

These seven wonderful gifts are a two way street.  You can't encourage someone, if you are encouraged by other's, you can't have energy or enthusiasm, or good humor if you're down all the time. I learned you have to be filled with graciousness and gratitude toward and to others in order to get it back. At but not least I have to be a giver of patience. This gift is my downfall, but with  The Happiest Life, I can learn to be patient, I can also learn to give and receive.

If you are struggling with your life, then please pick up a copy of The Happiest Life by Hugh Hewitt. It's well worth the $20 you'll spend.


What's the secret to a life of  happiness? 

In this delightful book brimming with humorous and poignant passages, radio personality Hugh Hewitt provides the answer. The starting place is generosity, he says, and there are seven gifts that are sure to improve the lives of both giver and receiver: encouragement, energy, enthusiasm, good humor, graciousness, gratitude, and patience. 

Anyone can give these gifts, but Hewitt shows that some people are particularly well placed to offer them: parents, spouses, family members, friends, teachers, coworkers, and fellow church members.

Channeling his skills as a broadcaster, journalist, lawyer, and teacher, Hewitt weaves stories about these seven gifts and seven givers with inspiring and motivating observations to help readers become generous in the ways that matter most.


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I bought it today. Thanks for the encouraging blog post.

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