Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Overcome Fear of Failure

Most people fear a plethora of things, but one fear will stop all people from doing anything. The fear of failure will paralyze you to the point of never trying something new or even taking a chance. When you fear failure, you also fear life and cannot grow. There are several ways to overcome fear of failure which not only will help you conquer your fear, but help you accomplish your goals.
Fear Can Be A Roadblock
Fear may only be a four-letter word, but it is one of the most cumbersome, emotional roadblocks you can face. Getting around fear is not easy, but with the right tools, you can conquer your fear of failure.
  • Face your fear of failure failure head-on. Three things happen to your body when you know you are going to face a new challenge or take a chance, your palms sweat, your stomach knots, and your heart races. Facing the fear of failure head-on gives you the power to overcome any obstacle in your way. You cannot stop these feelings, but you can face the unknown head-on by going around the roadblock with three things.

  1. Persistence: You have to stay strong and be persistent in facing your fear of failure. Getting past the roadblock of fear will not be easy. When you stay on course and move forward, the roadblock will disappear. Keep steady going forward, push fear of failure out of your way, and you can accept failure.
  2. Determination:The roadblock of fear of failure will get in your way everyday if you let it. You have to be determined to go around the things that stand in your way of success. Determine to not let your fear of failure take over your life. Be steadfast and keep going down the road regardless of roadblocks.
  3. Willpower:Fear of failure can make you weak. The roadblock in your path will continue to grow if you do not have willpower. Do not let fear stop you.Stay strong.
Failure Is a Part of Acceptance
Nobody likes to fail, but failure is part of life and personal growth.
  • Accept that you are going to fail. When you accept failure, you control your fear of failure. Accepting failure gives you the strength to move past your fears. Acceptance of failure is not an easy task when fear of failure weighs you down knock it over with the right tools.
  1. Be willing to fail: If you are not willing to fail, then you cannot be willing to accept failure as part of your life. You have to let yourself fail to get past your fear of failure. Nobody wants to fail, but failure is part of personal growth. Be willing to fail so you can grow in success.
  2. Acknowledge failure: In order to accept failure, you need to acknowledge failure. You have to admit, you are going to fail, but it is okay to fail. Do not let your fear of failure stop you from admitting failure. Let failure be an option in your personal growth journey.
  3. Take risks: Everyday you take risks when you walk out the door or get in a vehicle, but how many times do you risk failure? If you take a risk and let yourself fail, the fear of failure cannot control your life. Go out, take a risk, and let yourself fail.
Overcome Fear By Isolating Failure
Fear of failure can make you bitter and lonely. When you are afraid to try new ideas or take chances, you isolate yourself from being happy.
  • You have to isolate your fear of failure. You have to isolate your fear of failure not yourself from enjoyment. You have to want joy, peace, and happiness, but if you are afraid to take chances, then all you have is sorrow. Isolating your fear of failure gives you opportunities.
  1. Control your thoughts: Negativity has a way of working on the mind. If you want to overcome your fear of failure, you have to learn to control your thoughts. From the time you go to bed to the time you wake up, control what goes into your mind. Remember, it is okay to fail, but you do not have to dwell on the negativity. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts of success. If you control what goes into your mind, you control what comes out.
  2. Stop making excuses: We all have made excuses to why we fail or why we are afraid to try something, but you have to stop making excuses or you will never try anything. Isolating your fear of failure means you have to stop making excuses for your life. Failure is growth and if you want to grow, don't have excuses why you can't, have reasons why you can.
  3. Tie up loose ends: Overcoming your fear of failure is a long process that takes time and effort. Isolating your fear of failure means tying up loose ends. When there is something you did not finish because if fear of failure, make an effort to finish. If you stopped yourself from trying something new, make the time to try it. You have to tie up loose ends before you can isolate your fears.
Let Go of Failure
You have to let go of your fear of failure. Letting go of something is never easy, but letting go of fear of failure will set you free.
  • Fear of failure can take hold of your life and strangle your personal growth. When you let go of something that is strangling your life, you can move freely without worry or regret. Letting go of your fear of failure gives you the freedom to succeed without defeat.
  1. Let go and make mistakes: Mistakes are going to happen and are a part of life. Let go of your fears and make mistakes. Making mistakes is how you learn to get over your fear of failure. Mistakes are how you learn to let go of failure.
  2. Let go and learn from mistakes: We all make mistakes, it is how we grow. However, if you don't let go of your mistakes and learn, then fear of failure will be with you constantly. Don't keep making the same mistakes, let go of failure, and learn to grow.
  3. Let go and grow: Give yourself room to grow by making mistakes, failing, and learning from your failures. When you give yourself room to grow, you give yourself room to not only grow, but soar.

The keys to overcoming fear of failure are not a magic formula that will happen in one day. Personal growth takes time and effort, but you have to be willing to change by using the right tools.


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