Sunday, August 16, 2015

Spiritual Growth-

Have you lost your spiritual being? Most of us will answer yes to that question. It is easy to lose you way with so much going on in the world. It is also difficult to stay spiritual when everything around you is crumbling. However, it is easy to grow spiritually when you add one element to your life. Growing your spiritual being takes being content in in life and with who you are. For you to have contentment in your live and spiritual growth, there are eleven keys you need to practice everyday.
Control your thoughts and feelings. The things you let into your mind are the things that control your feelings. When you get upset, you get angry. When you are angry, you cannot be contented and when you are not contented, you cannot grow spiritually. One way to control your thoughts and feeling is to think of something peaceful or positive. Do not dwell on the negative thoughts or feelings. Learn to control your thoughts and feelings so you can be content with your life.
Open your mind, heart, and soul. If your mind, is closed to the positive things in life, then your heart and soul will follow. Spiritual growth cannot happen if you close your mind to contentment. Negativity will destroy your mind, heart, and soul. It will steal your contentment and your spirituality. If you let your life center around negativity, your spiritual growth will be quelled. Do not let negativity gravitate toward your mind, heart, and soul. Learn to open you mind, heart, and soul to positivity where contentment can dwell.

Negativity is a no-no. Spiritual growth will not happen if your life is filled with negativity. If negative thoughts enter your life, then you cannot grow spiritually. How can you be content when negativity takes hold of your life? Let go of the negative by practicing relaxation and meditation. When you learn to relax and meditate on the positive, contentment will void the discontentment.
Take small steps. Spiritual growth does not happen in a day. It takes time to grow and flourish. Start by letting go of all the negativity in your life. Understand you are in control of your feelings. Learn to be content, no matter the circumstance or situation. The small steps you take today will lead to giant leaps tomorrow on the path to spiritual growth.
Energize your spirit. A tired spirit equals a weak mind. You spirit has to be energized daily to reach contentment and spiritual growth. When your spirit is tired it is easy for negative thoughts to take over a weak mind. A few ways to energize your spirit is to go for a walk in a peaceful environment or write your thoughts in a journal. There is contentment in a spirit that is energized. There is also spiritual growth in an energized spirit.
Never give up on yourself. The worse thing you can do is give up on yourself. You may feel contentment and spiritual growth will never happen in your life. However, if you think that way, it never will. If you give up, you give up on a peaceful, contented life. Just remember, you are worth saving and every day you make one positive change in your life, you a spiritually growing.
Treat everyday as a new beginning. If you treat everyday as a new beginning then your path to spiritual growth will be a new beginning. Throw away the past, learn to start over, and live your life contented and spiritually.
Meditate daily. Meditation is the key to releasing all the negativity in your life. If you want to grow spiritually, then you have to learn to let go of negative thoughts and actions. Meditation leads to contentment and spiritual growth.
Envision your spiritual growth. When you envision your spiritual growth, you can make changes to your life. See yourself living in contentment instead of discontent. Imagine your spiritual possibilities when you throw away the negativity and replace it with positivity.
Nothing can stand in your way. Always try to remember, nothing can stand in your way on your journey to spiritual growth, but yourself. Finding contentment in the mist of negativity is not an easy path, but worth the journey.
Talk to someone you trust. If all else fails, talk to someone you trust. Talking about your problems will help you get through the bumps and roadblocks of your spiritual growth. There will be negativity, but you can make it.  


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