Monday, August 17, 2015

The Journey of Self-Growth

The journey of self-growth is not an easy path. There will be doubts and fears along the way. However, there are ways you can accomplish self-growth and get past the doubts and fears. Along the path of self-growth, you have to conquer six doubts and fears:self-healing, self-forgiveness, self-value, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-contentment.
The first hurdle you must get past on the road to self-growth is self-healing. You cannot grow in strength if your soul is weak. Life is filled with unseen scars from the past and the self-healing process can be a challenge. Self-healing takes time and one of the best ways to begin the process is through journaling. When you write your thoughts and feeling down on paper, you erase the scars of the past. Releasing all the hurt and anger of the past builds strength to move forward on the self-healing journey. Your soul and the path to self-growth will become stronger once you learn to let go and heal.
When you find the strength to heal from the past, the next hurdle on the journey to self-growth is self-forgiveness. You cannot grow in empathy if your heart is empty. Self-forgiveness is one of the most difficult hurdles you will face during your journey of self-growth. It is never easy to forgive oneself, but in order to grow, you must forgive yourself. One step toward the self-forgiveness process is to create a personal mantra. When you tell yourself you are forgiven, you break the stone surrounding your heart. Filling your heart with love creates empathy to move forward on the self-forgiveness journey. Your heart and the path to self-growth will become empathetic once you learn to open up and forgive.
The third hurdle on the journey to self-growth is self-value. You cannot grow in worth if your spirit feels useless. Self-value is something that is often overlooked during the journey to self-growth. Feeling useless and worthless can make you feel less valuable and you may have gotten to the point where you do not care about crossing the hurdle of self-value. The best way to get over feeling worthless or useless is to challenge yourself everyday to do something for someone else. When you do something nice for someone else, your spirit no longer feels worthless or useless. Encompassing your spirit with goodwill creates a sense of worth and usefulness so you can move forward on the self-value journey. Your spirit and the path to self-growth will become worthy and useful once you learn to help yourself by helping others.
Another difficult hurdle to cross on the journey to self-growth is self-respect. You cannot grow in love if your mind is suffering. Self-respect is two-fold during your journey of self-growth. When your mind is suffering , you are unable to love yourself. When you cannot love yourself, you cannot find mercy and peace. To find mercy and peace, you have to clear your mind with meditation. When you clear your mind and let in peaceful thoughts, you find mercy. Clearing your mind with meditation creates peace and mercy so you can move forward on the self-respect journey. Your mind and the path to self-growth will become peaceful and merciful once you learn to let peace into your thoughts.
Self-confidence is a hurdle we all have faced on the journey to self-growth. You cannot grow in power if your body feels tired. Having self-confidence in how you look or feel helps to boost your journey of self-growth. When your body feels tired, you look at your outer self and not inner beauty. Remember, beauty is not skin deep, it comes from deep within. Loving your body without criticism, creates your inner beauty so you can go forward on the self-confidence journey. Your body and the path to self-growth will become beautiful once you learn learn to accept you are a beautiful person inside and out.
The last hurdle you need to get past is self-contentment. You cannot grow in joy if your being feels lost. Self-contentment is the final hurdle you have to cross, but if you have no joy, you have no life. When your being is lost, you cannot throw away the past. The past will stand in your way of self-contentment. Although you cannot erase your past, you can throw it away and never look back. Embracing your being in the moment will help you to forget the past so you can go forward on the self-contentment journey. Your being and the path to self-growth will forget the past once you learn to never look back.  


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